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Published on 12 Aug 2013 at 7:07 pm.
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Need ecommerce marketing advice? These tips will help you promote your products on social media, improve SEO, and help increase sales.

Ecommerce Marketing: Natural SEO

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo know that people like to buy things. They noticed that every ecommerce site out there has their own unique look and feel, but every products are the same. They all have a name, description, price, and at least one image. Some will have more info like height, width, weight, brand, model, remaining stock, or SKU. A few will even have special offers and reviews.

In the last year or so they agreed on specific HTML5 markup that they would promote. This markup just requires you to add attributes to existing elements on your page. You do not need to change anything visually.

Ecommerce Marketing: Pinterest Rich Pin example.

A Pinterest Rich Pin in action.

If better appearance in search engines is not enough then you’re in for a treat. Social media networks recognize the value in this markup. Pinterest accepts this HTML5 markup for their Rich Pins. Speaking of Pinterest, that leads us to our next topic.

Ecommerce Marketing: Social Media

I cannot stress enough social media’s importance on successful ecommerce marketing. You must promote your products on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You must closely monitor your audience and your competition because Pinterest is the next contender.

Simply being on these networks and sharing your products is not enough. You want to encourage users to share your products. You cannot control exactly what they say when they are sharing your product to their friends. You can use the product type for open graph protocol to specify the description, price, page title, and the images a user may choose when shared on Facebook or Google+. This increases your ability to share the most useful information to users and is highly recommended.

This protocol makes up most of HTML necessary for the Twitter Product Card. Though it only enhances your company’s tweets, it is still very important. It’s hard to make yourself stand out on Twitter with only 140 characters. Being able to attach an image and a description helps you better convert your ecommerce marketing into sales.

Ecommerce Marketing: Engagement

Users can have questions about your product. To find out more they can search the web to do more research or they can contact you. If they search the web than they could find a lower price or a different product that meets their need. Or they could decide they don’t really want the item anymore. By engaging the user you’re more likely to convert them into a sale.

For desktop users you can add an on-site chat feature. On-site chat is a double-edged sword so you must research a service before signing up with one. If the chat service is too intrusive you run the risk of running users away and losing sales. Avoid this pitfall and engage the user in a helpful way and you may see increased sales.

We do not recommend including the on-site chat for mobile users. Instead we recommend a click to call. Just add a simple call to action button that activates the phone and directs them to one of your representatives. Once they’re talking to you they have established a personal connection that sets you apart from the competition.

Those are just a few ecommerce marketing tips. If you want to know more we can help with your online and search marketing. Feel free to contact us.

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