I still live!

Published on 8 Apr 2007 at 9:11 pm. 1 Comment.
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It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on here. I’ve had quite a bit happen in that time frame.

  • Back in November I started as a full time Web developer for Brabon Justice International. This makes me one of lead developers behind igniteworldwide, Up Your Image, and IHCPR. Ignite Worldwide is our custom Web site business, while Up Your Image and IHCPR are template driven Web site builders. The latter geared towards those in the medical practice while the latter is a general purpose template business. Since starting their I have learned A LOT about DNS stuff and working as a systems admin.. Gotta say I’m enjoying it. 🙂
  • Some pains I had been experiencing in my stomach/abdomen area started getting more severe. It turned out I had gall stones and had to get my gall bladder removed. 🙁
  • I joined the Rochester Athletic Club. They started me off a little too easy and I was bumping up program a little too slowly each time I went I learned, so I can’t really say I’ve seen any results yet since I’ve adjusted my program. Still, it’s good to do I guess.
  • I’ve caught up on a substantial about of reading and DVD watching. I’ve read the 300 hard cover, the first six volumes of Sandman, as well as caught up on a number of runs of comics that I’ve picked up including all of Kirby’s and some of Ditko’s runs on Machine Man, Peter David’s first run on X-Factor, a handful of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, many issues of Alan Davis’ run on Excalibur, Jim Starlin’s first Breed mini, as well as the second volume of Superman Chronicles. I am nearly finished with my Thundercats DVDs, and have watched this DVD of Rozen Maiden that my friend Loun-Loun sent me. Once I have finished with Thundercats than I am going to watch the last volume of Batman Beyond and then both volumes of Justice League Unlimited. Yeah, I need a life. :p

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