Don’t be dirty

Published on 12 May 2011 at 5:38 pm.
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I am a huge fan of my Droid. It does everything I need it to and it keeps on getting better as apps get updated. Better navigation than my TomTom, easier to transfer files like mp3s than my iPod touch, and great integration with all of my Google accounts. I’m happy.

That being said over the last few months I’d noticed that the touch screen seemed to be getting less responsive. I have my Droid in a case and have a thin screen placed over my screen to protect it that I purchased from the Verizon store when I bought my phone in March of 2010. I was starting to think that all of these updates were taking their toll on my poor Droid. 🙁

So I was walking in the mall walking by the Verizon store and I decided to take it in and look at new models, look at the Xoom, and in general browse around. One of the salesmen walked up to me and we started to chat. I brought up the issue about the responsiveness and he asked to take a look at my Droid. He pointed out that I should occasionally change the protective screen as it felt like I had some build up going on that was difficult to remove. After purchasing the a new package of covers and allowing the salesman to replace the cover the response problem went away. The phone works great again. I am happy.

Let that be a lesson to everyone. Technology is really sensitive to things like dirt and dust. This holds true with your PC. You’re occasionally clearing the dust off the exhaust fans on the back of your PC so that it runs smoother, right? Don’t get dirty and your tech will love you back.

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