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Published on 16 Aug 2012 at 3:13 pm.
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You know you need to regularly blog to generate traffic. You are great at what you do but may need help picking a topic. Here are sources for inspiration for your social media marketing.

Blog Topic Source: Twitter TrendsBlog Topic Source: Twitter

Twitter is a great source for inspiration. It also can work as a way to get some quick hits to your site. The Trends section of Twitter shows you what people find interesting at that time. If it’s popular that means people will be searching for more info on it, so this can get you started on a topic.

All links from Twitter have the rel="nofollow" attribute added to them. This means that they do not directly benefit you with search engines. It will not improve your rankings in Google, Bing, or Yahoo. There are other crawlers that will see the link and will then visit your site and add to their directory. Those links usually do not have nofollow, so you are getting a bump up from Google, Bing, and Yahoo from those sites linking to your blog post.

Additionally, you will find users that are looking to write about the topic themselves. They of course need to source a topic and want to present other people’s opinions. They will take to Twitter to see what other people are saying. If they see you have already written about the topic they will cite your article when they present an excerpt from your blog.

Blog Topic Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Today provides news tailored to your interests. It pulls in news that was shared by people in your industry. It is not as fast as Twitter for gathering news, but it can show you a wider range of relevant topics. Using these sources will allow you to write a more thought-provoking blog post.

Blog Topic Source: Google Analytics / SEO

You need to use Google Analytics or some other type of service to check traffic to your website. Occasionally you will see your keywords that you feel is under-performing. By writing a blog post that focuses on this keyword you will hopefully see a bump up in traffic for your targeted keyword.

Those are just some sources of information that can inspire your next blog post. Do you have any other sources that you recommend?

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