Online Advertisement on the Rise

Published on 26 Jan 2012 at 8:44 pm.
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After years of chipping away at print media, money spent on online advertisement is finally set to surpass print in 2012. The reason for this is most likely due to mobile devices.

Until recently, print media had one major advantage over the online world — a local, target audience. Online advertisement services such as Google Adwords/Adsense, adBrite, and DoubleClick have very good algorithms for determining a user’s interest.  They are able to deliver relevant ads based off of this data, but showing advertisements based off of a desktop computer’s location has always been tricky. That is fine for chains with stores across the nation. Small businesses were left out in the cold.

check-in specials advertisement via FourSquare.

An example of Check-in advertisement specials via FourSquare.

Mobile Advertisements

Enter GPS enabled mobile devices. With more Americans turning to mobile devices there is very little wonder that money spent on advertisement has risen. Currently 71% of mobile searches occur because a user saw an advertisement. Even better, more than half of those searches lead to a purchase, either online or in a store. With more people expected to use mobile devices than desktops to get online by 2013 the ability to deliver local, relevant advertisements is finally upon us.

Local Directories

With mobile advertisements leading to mobile searches, you are going to need to get make sure you’re listed on local directories. At the very minimum you need to be listed on Google Places as that is where location data is pulled from first by Google. You should not ignore the other services. For instance, the Siri app for the iPhone pulls reviews from Yelp. With Kinect for Xbox 360 gaining voice search powered by Bing it goes without saying that you should be listed on the Bing Business Portal. Other important sites to be listed on include Yahoo! Local, FourSquare, and Yellow Pages.

Mobile App Advertisement

Mobile Apps offer two strategies for advertisements. In-app advertisements are similar to what you would see on a website today. Usually these advertisements are at the very top or very bottom of the app. Sometimes they are worked in during transitions between screens. The second method of advertising is through check-in specials in location based services. They are deals such as $10 for using the app to check-in to their location four times in a month. This type of advertisement encourages foot traffic to a store. Radio Shack has seen that FourSquare customers spend 3.5 times the amount of non-FourSquare users. Those are the type of customers you want to more of. Yelp also offers similar check-in deals.

Web marketing is on the rise. The mobile world is growing. Where are you spending your advertisement money?

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