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The following are a list of my own, personal recommendations for apps on Android based devices. I stick with free versions of everything.

  • Dropbox– Absolutely the best way of keeping files between multiple computers and mobile devices in sync. Just need to copy a file into folder on your computer or phone and it is uploaded to all of the other devices. Can share a folder with other Dropbox users, can include a file in the public directory and get a URL that can be e-mailed or shared on a social media site.I am a comic book nerd. I love the Fantastic Four. I have a list of every Fantastic Four comic I’m looking for. Dropbox lets me easily look up what issues I’m missing before I make a purchase.I also help my comic guy list stuff on eBay. I take pictures at his store and use Dropbox to upload them to my home PC so I can edit them prior to listing. It saves me from having to connect the phone to the PC, copy files over, etc. Saves me just a little bit of time while I’m home so I can get moving to other stuff.
  • Google Maps – Yes, this is a pre-installed app, but its navigation feature is completely awesome. I have not used my TomTom since I got my Droid. The maps data is more up to date, and it provides a better interface. It’s useful even when I’m not driving, which is another benefit over my TomTom.
  • Heads or tails – Making decisions is hard. Who keeps spare change on them anymore? Just tap the screen and watch a coin flip at random.
  • Barcode Scanner – A pretty good QR scanner, and it lets you scan a bar code and perform a search for that item on the Web to get more info like reviews on the item prior to making a purchase.
  • Color Flashlight – Sometimes it’s dark out and you need a flashlight to see where you’re going.
  • Lookout– The free version of Lookout has three great features:
    1. Malware/Anti-virus scanner – automatically scans new files you’ve downloaded to make sure you’re clean
    2. Missing Device – if you ever lose your phone it can turn on GPS and display where you are on Lookout’s main Web site in a Google Map. Additionally you can make your phone scream to give you a better idea of where exactly it’s located.
    3. Remote backup – Backup the files on your phone to their service. I personally don’t use this feature.

    The paid version has more features such as remote locking and remote wiping of devices. Useful for those who want the added sense of security.

  • Air Hockey Demo – I like air hockey. ๐Ÿ™‚

What do you like?

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    I like You can verbally ask a question vs. typing it in – big timesaver!

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