Bad keyboard shortcuts

Published on 11 Oct 2006 at 10:23 pm.
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So here I am finishing updating my resume and I went to save the file by pressing the Ctrl+s buttons, which I’m sure most computer users know is the keyboard shortcut to save a file in most Windows applications. This time however, upon making the keystroke I heard my computer reading my resume to me! I’m thinking “WTF is going on here?” My hands still on the same keys I press down again and it stops. I then use my mouse and click the icon to save the file, and all is well.

Out of curiosity, I try and reproduce this oddity. No luck. I google for it. No dice. I then start hitting random keys, to which there was success! It seems I hit the Windows key on my keyboard, rather than the Ctrl button. Damn! That was annoying.

In case anyone was wondering how it came out, I think that the software did a pretty good job. The only time things were messed up was when it tried to pronounce “GPA”, “mRNA”, “MPI”, and “WAI WCAG” as words, rather than say each letter. It should have slowed down a little bit in between sections, but it was still understandable. I think it came out pretty good, in a nice, logical order if I do say so myself. 🙂

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