Sirius sucks and friday night volleyball

Published on 9 Jan 2006 at 4:23 am.
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So I just spent the last god knows how many minutes trying to open the home docking kit for Sirius so I could listen to it at home and would install the car kit later (after looking at the instructions and wondering how in the hell am I going to get this thing on the roof of my car). Low and behold it seems that my boom box does not have anything I can plug it into, and I am either a moron, or non of these stupid connections on my PC are an audio-in to allow me to plug it in there so that it will come out my PC’s speakers. Because “Able to hear audio” was the last step in the registration process I didn’t sign up for service and need to find some speakers to use. Blah.

Anywho, friday night my friend Alica invited me to join her and her friend Christy to play volleyball later in the night. It seems that Alicia has given up on the belief that Christine and I will get back together, because she was trying to introduce me to this girl. So she has me meet the two of them at a Korean restaurant I keep driving past, but eventually fine. First time I have had Korean food, and I must say… the few things I was able to try once I managed to figure out chop sticks was pretty good. If we had more time, I might have actually tried more. Oh well. On to describing the girl.

This girl is pretty (+5), and smart (+5), ultimately wants to live in New York City (-7). So far, she is still a head a few points. She is my age and already has her bachelors in biology and spanish, has spent a year in Spain, and is now back in college at Brockport because she needs a degree in English in order to pursue her chosen career — an editor for a science journal. We talk, a bit, then have to head volleyball at what turns out to be a baptist church.

The three of us are each split onto a different one of the four teams. I have no idea how the heck they came up with a series of games, as it seemed to have no logic to who was playing when. My team won a lot, so we ended up being out there a lot… or my the schedule was just that damned messed up. As it stood, I did not get to talk with Alicia or Christy, but talked with some of the nice people on my team.

Afterwards, we decided to go to the home of one of my team mates. It was to be a group of four cars, with myself following Alicia as the last two cars. At some point, another car got in front of Alicia and she was following it for god knows how long. It took us at least a half hour to get from Goodman to what turned out to be an apartment complex a street or two north of my friend Christine.

Once we are there, all there is to do is play video games, card games that I (nor Christy) don’t know the rules for, or sit around. Alicia, Christy, myself and one or more (people eventually left the group) were the card games group. Christy and I were the “just going along with whatever was going on” newbies. Eventually the video game group decides to change from some version of Tetris to a shooter game, so two people join our group and it becomes obvious that they would rather play than have to explain playing. I back out of playing and try to learn on my own by watching them. Christy sits next to Alicia and still tries. Sigh.

Eventually the owner (who was in the shooter group) takes the rest of the gamers home, and questions if I would like to play or something (basically he was confused why I wasn’t doing anything… or so it looked). Shortly after they left, I realize that it’s 2 am and I’m not really picking up anything so why don’t I head out.

Oye. I had a good time, but I would say that I don’t see anything more come of this. While the people there were nice, I do not feel right joining a group of baptists. While Christy is a nice girl, she has one of my biggest flaws — too damn indecisive and doesn’t have an opinion on anything either way. Get two people like that together and we’ll find out 40 years and 3 kids later that we both actually hate each other. Plus, I was probably came off as too much of an idiot by trying to go back and forth between talking to her and Alicia at dinner, expecting to get to somehow get to talk with her more at another time (which didn’t exactly happen). Oh well. Nice to get out for a change.

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