Responsive Images

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After years of debate Responsive Images are here. That means your site can look better and load faster. Now that the specification for Responsive Images has settled down browsers are working hard to add support. Most browser vendors are doing this in stages. Support for better quality images. Alternative Images for different size screens. Responsive […]

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The Need for SPDY

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Security is no excuse for slowness. With the SPDY protocol your secure HTTPS traffic transfers faster. What is SPDY? You have probably heard of HTTP. HTTP is the protocol that delivers unsecured content on the web. This is fine for most sites since most don’t take in sensitive material like credit card data, social security […]

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Third Party Mobile Browsers – part 1: Opera Mini

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This is the first in a series of posts on interesting third party browsers for the mobile Web. Introduction If you have been listening to the media you’re probably aware of the war between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems for dominance the mobile market. You may even see the occasional article reminding you […]

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