2013 Predictions Results from Brand Builder Websites

Published on 12 Jan 2014 at 9:29 pm.
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A look at the 2013 predictions results from Brand Builder Websites. Were we on target or were we way off the mark? Let’s take a look.

Brian’s 2013 Predictions Results

  1. Android tablet market share will continue to grow. It will surpass the market share for the various versions of the iPad. No single Android tablet that outsells the iPad. True.

    I’m not quite ready to say that they will have a single version that passes the iPad in the next year either.

  2. Apple will come out with some device with a stylus. Most likely a tablet. False.

    I’ve gotta say I expected more from Apple in 2013. Seems like they just worked on upgrading iOS’ look, and new hardware for the desktop.

  3. Microsoft will release Windows 9. Technically False.

    I was expecting Microsoft to move to a yearly release cycle, which they did. They just called thew new version 8.1 instead of 9.

  4. Windows 9 will include an option to bring back the Start button. Only false because I called it Windows 9.

    They did bring back the Start button. They did not bring back the Start menu like I, and many others, expected and were hoping for.

  5. Samsung will change the focus of what users will be looking for in a mobile device screen. High PPI will still be desired, but will no longer be something to brag about. Expect to see devices with flexible screens or screens that provide tactile feedback reach consumers. True.

    Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Round. I think it’s a bit early to call the new display a success, but it has caused consumers to think about the change.

  6. At least one of the four major HTML5 based mobile operating systems (webOS, Firefox OS, Tizen, Ubuntu) will actually be released on official hardware. True.

    Firefox OS saw its initial release in Madrid on July 1st. Ubuntu failed to meet the necessary funds to release a phone in 2013. They expect to still a phone in 2014. Rumor has it that LG will debut SmartTV’s running webOS at CES 2014. It is claimed that Tizen phones will come in 2014. These Tizen phones are going to be equivalent to the Galaxy S phones from Samsung.

  7. Android will beef up its support for HTML5 apps, but will not do so at the speed that webOS, Firefox OS, etc. True.

    I expect to see Android’s support for HTML5 to grow even faster since Android 4.4 no longer ships with the default browser. Android devices will now mostly shift to Chrome with its rapid release cycle.

  8. The growth in Chromebooks finally makes 2013 the year of Linux on the desktop! False.

    Chromebooks marketshare grew dramatically in 2013. They went from 0.2% to 21% of sales on Amazon this holiday season compared to last year. Chromebooks made up 2 of the 3 best selling laptops on Amazon (the other being a Windows 8 laptop). Chromebooks made up 10% of tablets and desktops in 2013. That doesn’t make Linux the dominate underlying operating system, but it does make it the best Linux has ever seen.

  9. Someone will buy Foursquare. False.

    This one was close. Foursquare sought out strategic investment partners but was not bought out.

  10. At least one of these social networks will die (or become irrelevant): Pinterest, Tumblr, Tout, Instagram, Quora, delicious. True.

    I am going to declare that Tout, Quora, and delicious are irrelevant.

  11. Google’s continued integration of their products with Google+ will result in them being investigated for anti-trust behavior. True.

    The European Commission currently is currently investigating Google. Google has avoided an antitrust investigation in America.

  12. Web browsing on gaming systems will begin to receive serious attention. Sorta True.

    Web browsing did receive serious attention from the console developers on their new systems. Microsoft declared that IE on the Xbox One does more than “just work”.

  13. Vendors will begin pushing Smart TVs. Consumers will not rush to them. True.

    Consumers are up for Smart TV’s, but they are not breaking down any doors.

  14. The Buffalo Bills’ CJ Spiller receives an endorsement deal from Wegmans. New York based Wegmans will sell Spiller branded paper towels. Sadly False.

    I was hoping for better from Buffalo this year. :/

  15. Actors from The Avengers will star in more action movies based on classic fairy tales. True.

    Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) did star in Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. I kind of expected more classic fairy tale movies in 2013. They basically stopped early on.

Overall we scored a 9 out of 15 on our 2013 predictions results.So it looks like we were pretty good in 2013. A good chunk of the false ones were close to true. The only ones that were majorly off was the Apple/stylus prediction and the CJ Spiller endorsement deal.

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