2014 Predictions from Brand Builder Websites

Published on 5 Jan 2014 at 7:56 pm.
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2014 Predictions from Brand Builder Websites.

It’s the end of the year and thus time for Brand Builder Websites to make our 2014 predictions on mobile, social media, marketing and more.

2014 Predictions from Brian LePore

  • Google will expand their actions when they penalize a site to also penalize their social profiles.
  • Microsoft will further grow Bing search with more strategic partnerships like they have with LG Smart TVs and Apple for Siri.
  • Android will see a slight dip in world-wide market share as Windows Phone and Firefox OS expand in areas such as Latin America, Spain, and other non-English speaking countries.
  • Apple will continue to try to expand in countries such as China, but will see little growth due to demands of high cost.
  • The web community will finally agree to a common, workable solution for responsive/DPI dependent content images. Browsers may not support the solution this year, but they will at least agree on a solution and begin development.
  • Scroll sites/vertical sites/whatever you want to call them will either fall out of favor, or designers will get better at testing them. Right now we have large companies like Google that have trouble with designing pages for an HD monitor.
  • Better browsers on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will lead to further growth of browsing on consoles.
  • Continued growth for web browsing on Smart TVs.
  • More sites move to adaptive delivery as they will realize that a responsive design-only solutions fail to deliver an ideal experience for a user. I feel like the point of contention is that consumers are using more devices lately where screen size (the only controlling factor in responsive design) is not the controlling factor in the design (e.g. Smart TVs have the same resolution as an HD monitor, but the difference in average sitting distance affects the design).
  • Google will face further legal troubles in the US. Potentially being investigated for abusive monopoly practices for trying to use their search engine market dominance to expand Google+ and Android.
  • Companies will push for more hybrid mobile apps where the app is really just a special wrapper to a specially created site.
  • The Buffalo Bills will … you know what, after a few years of trying to make predictions for them I should just stop. It hasn’t gone well.

So will our 2014 predictions come true? We’ll have to wait a year to find out. But next week we’ll see how we did in 2013.

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