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Published on 13 Sep 2013 at 11:01 am.
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Apple’s iPhone event for 2013 has come to pass. Rumors pointed to the release of iOS 7 and a cheaper iPhone. Were the rumors correct?


iPhone Event 2013: iOS 7

The features in iOS 7 have slightly evolved since we first wrote about them. Apple has not added any new significant features from the primary release. The look of the operating system has evolved to more closely resemble Android.

As a reminder, new things in iOS 7 include:

  • A new design that is no longer based on things in the real world.
  • Access the Notification Center from the lock screen.
  • Improved multitasking giving more resources to the apps you use the most.
  • Access Safari’s browser history with a swipe.
  • Siri changes like:
    • Adjust between a male and a female voice.
    • Adjust the phone’s brightness.
    • Pulling information from Wikipedia.
    • Bing is the new search results page.
    • Better in-car support.
  • AirDrop can share files with those around you.
  • Built-in filters and cropping for the photo app.

The release date of iOS 7 is September 18. It will ship on the new iPhones that Apple has introduced in this iPhone event. You can install it on the iPhone 4 , iPad 2, and fifth generation iPod touch.

iPhone event 2013: iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S is your typical off-year upgrade to the iPhone. The look and feel of the phone have not changed. The changes are mostly internal. They upgraded the processor to A7 which is about 31% faster than its predecessor.

The most interesting change is the fingerprint scanner built into the home button. This scanner improves security on the iPhone. You can now unlock the phone with one press.

The camera is the next area to receive an upgrade. Apple has added a dual-LED flash and widened the aperture to f/2.2. Despite the rumors of an increase to 12-13 MP, the back camera still takes pictures at 8 MP. A far cry from the 41 MP on the Nokia Lumia 1020, but still an improvement.

The iPhone 5S comes in black, white, and champagne gold. The contract-free version of the 5S goes for $649.

iPhone event 2013: iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5C colors as seen in the iPhone event 2013.

The iPhone 5C is the dark horse of the event. The 5C is a cheaper version of the iPhone. The case is plastic instead of metal and comes in far more colors than the typical iPhone. The iPhone 5C comes in five colors – green, white, blue, pink, yellow. The 5C edition will use the A6 processor. The contract-free version of the 16 GB 5C is $549.

The real meaning of the ‘C’ is “China”. Apple’s push for China is so strong that they scheduled a second event in Beijing 9 hours after the event in America. Apple needs this cheaper iPhone to improve market share. Especially in developing countries. While Apple maintains a 40% market share in America, it’s global market share is only 14%. With Windows Phone and Firefox OS rising sharply in developing markets Apple needed to make this move to grow the brand.

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