Graphics Role in Inbound Marketing

Published on 6 Sep 2013 at 10:58 am.
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The old saying goes “a picture is worth thousand words.” That is why graphics must play an essential role in your inbound marketing efforts.

Graphics in Social Media

Users love graphics in posts on social media networks. A study last year saw that photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than average posts. A great graphic makes you stand apart from your competition.

Before and after graphic of a property renovated for Trinity Home Renovations. This was one of the graphics created by Brand Builder Websites for promoting them on social networks.Check out this graphic our social media marketing expert Chris created for a client. In one simple image he created an entire story that anyone could understand. A simple before-and-after graphic with a tagline “From troublesome …. to terrific!” that helps drive the point across. The total reach for this graphic is triple-digit higher than a recent mostly text-based post.

The graphic prominently displays the company’s logo in a central location. This was you are sure to know who did the work. No one can steal it to easily pass of this work as their own.


An infographic is a graphic used to simplify complex data. An effectively created visual can trump textual information tenfold. Using an infographic in a blog post greatly reduces the need to create paragraphs of text to get your point across. As a bonus you’ll have something that is easy to share across social media.

Why use Infographics?

Good infographics should draw the users attention. If you read this then the infographic worked. 🙂

An infographic is very time and labor intensive work. There are services such as Piktochart and that help simplify the process for those that lack the graphic skills.

The use of graphics in your inbound marketing effort will greatly increase your click-through rate. Once you have drawn them in you are partway there to converting them to a sale. In the end isn’t that what you’re hoping for with your marketing?

How successful have graphics been to your inbound marketing efforts? Have you ever created an infographic? How did you do it and was it any more successful than a regular graphic? Please share your thoughts.

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