2013 Predictions

Published on 23 Jan 2013 at 10:22 pm.
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It’s time into look to the future to make our 2013 predictions on mobile technology, social media networks, sports, and comic books.

2013 Predictions - Brian LePore.Brian’s 2013 Predictions

  1. Android tablet market share will continue to grow. It will surpass the market share for the various versions of the iPad. No single Android tablet that outsells the iPad.
  2. Apple will come out with some device with a stylus. Most likely a tablet.
  3. Microsoft will release Windows 9.
  4. Windows 9 will include an option to bring back the Start button.
  5. Samsung will change the focus of what users will be looking for in a mobile device screen. High PPI will still be desired, but will no longer be something to brag about. Expect to see devices with flexible screens or screens that provide tactile feedback reach consumers.
  6. At least one of the four major HTML5 based mobile operating systems (webOS, Firefox OS, Tizen, Ubuntu) will actually be released on official hardware.
  7. Android will beef up its support for HTML5 apps, but will not do so at the speed that webOS, Firefox OS, etc.
  8. The growth in Chromebooks finally makes 2013 the year of Linux on the desktop!
  9. Someone will buy Foursquare.
  10. At least one of these social networks will die (or become irrelevant): Pinterest, Tumblr, Tout, Instagram, Quora, delicious.
  11. Google’s continued integration of their products with Google+ will result in them being investigated for anti-trust behavior.
  12. Web browsing on gaming systems will begin to receive serious attention.
  13. Vendors will begin pushing Smart TVs. Consumers will not rush to them.
  14. The Buffalo Bills’ CJ Spiller receives an endorsement deal from Wegmans. New York based Wegmans will sell Spiller branded paper towels.
  15. Actors from The Avengers will star in more action movies based on classic fairy tales.

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