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Published on 12 Jul 2012 at 5:15 pm.
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Social Media Marketing is tough. Here we discuss tips that will help you to improve your ROI and increase engagement.

Social Media Marketing Tips: All Social Media Networks

Social Media Marketing Tips: Ridgeway

Ridgeway visiting our office produced some of the most engaged content on our Facebook page.

The most counter intuitive tip I have is to remember to not just be about marketing. There is a reason why it is called social media marketing. Your audience is human. Remember that we’re social creatures. Occasionally you should talk about things that are going on in your business that isn’t purely business. Last year we were receiving regular visits from a turkey we named Ridgeway. We decided to share some photos on Facebook on the work Facebook page and our personal accounts. The personal touch was quite responsive.

Another example that I found refreshing came from The Source Jewelers on Twitter:

Alright ‪#Roc‬! Source President Ara Simonian wants to take a wing tour of Rochester! Who's got the best wings out there?! ‪#Roc‬ ‪#Chickenwings

This tweet might not have gotten replies, but it stood out. Heck, I was annoyed that no one had replied. I wanted an answer! Moreover, it showed that they are not just a jewelry store, but they’re human. They’re a group I can relate to. People tend to buy from those people they can trust and relate to. It’s little things like this that can lead to a return on investment (ROI).

Social Media Marketing Tips: Twitter

Let us start with the basics. The first thing you want to check is how you actually link to your Twitter account. A recent post on SEOMoz dissected how Twitter’s bad SEO affects reputation management. In the post they discussed HTTP vs HTTPS, www vs no-www, casing, and various other combinations. At the end the post concluded that your profile should look like the following:

  • https instead of http.
  • No www.
  • All lower case.
  • No slash at the end.
  • No at-sign (@).
  • No hashbang (#!).

Frequency of tweets is a topic I learned about the hard way. Last year I talked about how to become a social media power user with TweetDeck. One of the great things about TweetDeck is the ability to connect multiple Twitter profiles in to one place. This makes it easy to manage multiple interests at the same time (e.g. personal and work accounts).

This strength can also be a weakness. In my mobile web development news post I talked about how their was a conference coming up where Google was to announce the Nexus 7. I decided to send out Tweets with live coverage of the major points. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a big fan of Android. I decided that I would simultaneously tweet to both to my personal Twitter account and the company’s account. I sent too many tweets too fast and ended up getting both accounts suspended. To restore the accounts I had to fill out a form on Twitter’s website saying what occurred. They sent out an automatic e-mail as a response. I had to respond from the exact e-mail address associated with the account above the text in the automatic message that I received. They then sent me another e-mail informing me that the accounts would be reactivated within the hour. Hour later it was not reactivated … but 22 hours later it was.

Social Media Marketing Tips: Facebook

Consider when your audience may come across your social media posting. If you think your audience will not come across your Facebook posts until they get home from work then wait until the work day is over to create your post. It is then more likely to show up near the top of their wall than if you posted it early in the day.

I hope those tips prove helpful. Got a tip that you would like to share? Did you notice how I just tried to get you to reply? The attempt to spark engagement? That’s another tip. 😉

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