Do you have Klout? How to measure influence

Published on 1 Dec 2011 at 6:23 pm.
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Klout - the standard for influenceToday’s world is filled with many individuals that claim to be specialists. Klout is a mechanism for measuring your influence online. So what does that mean?

Klout assigns users a score between 1-100 based upon the content they generate or engage with across social media networks.  They use the data from these social networks to measure your true reach, amplification, and network influence. Klout uses this data to determine how many people you influence, and what they did with the content you shared.

True Reach

True Reach is the number of people you influence. This score is determined by your immediate network and their extended networks. Celebrities tend to have a high True Reach score because their content spreads to a large audience.


Amplification is how much you influence people. A high Amplification score means that your audience is likely to respond. It also means that you are close to your entire network.

Network Influence

Network Impact measures the influence of your audience. This is a measure of the influential quality of your audience. A celebrity will tend have a high network influence score because they are often connected to other celebrities that have a true reach score.

The Internet community has mixed opinions on Klout. There are individuals that have figured out how to game the system. Also, there are individuals that are greatly upset when Klout updates the algorithm and their score drops. Recently this occurred when Klout shifted to focus more on quality over quantity. Now Amplification matters more than True Reach or Network Influence. People online get upset over anything.

That being said, there are still many social media marketers out there that love Klout. It provides a service that was desperately needed. Currently no viable alternative exists. For now your Klout score is going to remain important to validate your online presence. I am currently a 46. What is your score?

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