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Published on 23 Nov 2011 at 9:41 pm.
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Example image user to grab a user's attention for lead generationLead generation is a marketing tool by which a brand will make a compelling offer to potential customers (leads) in hopes of converting them into new customers. Lead generation on the Web is often accomplished by creating a form on a page with a call to action that instructs the lead to fill out the form in order to get access to an exclusive product or service. How do they do it?

Successful lead generation begins with a compelling offer. You need to offer something that a user will actually want to receive from you. It could be a white paper on a topic, a free mp3 player, discount tickets for a restaurant, or any number of other things you can come up with. The important thing is that you should make it specific to what your audience might be most interested in. Generic offers like the discount tickets might get you the more responses, but a white paper for your industry will yield you a more qualified lead.

From there you need a call to action. A call to action is something that instructs the user to perform a certain action. A good call to action is something that is easily identifiable, easily understandable, and easy to perform. A great call to action will also boost your ranking in search engines. Everyone on the Web has seen a ‘click here’ link. This is an example of a call to action that is very easy to understand. In almost all cases it can be better accomplished with just a little thought. Simply say something like “Read more about [keyword for your site]”. Making [keyword for your site] the link will boost your SEO. It will also make it much easier for a returning visitor to know what they are looking for.

In order to turn a call to action into a lead on the Web you are usually going to include a form on a page that requires the lead to fill out a form. Once the lead has filled out the form they are going to be presented with whatever offer you created. The information from the lead should be stored in a database for later retrieval, and your sales force should be notified about a potential new customer.

The Lead Generation Module

We here at The BrandBuilder Company have been working on offering new web marketing tools to SiteBrandBuilder clients. We have recently created a new lead generation module that is now available to clients. We just re-launched The BrandBuilder Company website with examples of the lead generation module in action. The purpose of the lead generation module is to have potential leads fill out a form that provides site owners with information about the lead. Once the lead has filled out the form the site owner will be e-mailed that there is a new lead, and the lead will be able to download a white paper. If the lead tries to share the direct URL to the white paper with another individual via e-mail, instant messaging, or social networking the person that accesses that link will be redirected back to the page with the original form on it. This will make the new individual to have to fill out the form and giving the site owner another lead.

Lead generation is a great inbound marketing tool to grow your business. What web marketing tools does your website provider offer to you?

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