IE9 Predictions results.

Published on 21 Jun 2011 at 9:43 pm.
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This post is a follow up to my previous post.

This post was actually written following the platform preview, but apparently was never published. I am editing it slightly and posting it now that IE9 is out.

  1. Microsoft will officially make an announcement for it at Microsoft MIX 2010. – correct
  2. Border-radius support! – correct
  3. At least a portion of the SVG spec will be supported. – correct
  4. Native support for newly introduced HTML5 elements. They may not actually function, but no longer will one need JavaScript in order to style them. – correct
  5. Native Drag-and-drop – yes
  6. DOM2 events. – correct
  7. DOMContentLoaded support. -yes
  8. Box-shadow and text-shadow- box-shadow yes, text-shadow no – WTF!!!!!
  9. @font-face to support truetype fonts – yes
  10. opacity – correct

So that was 6 for 10 that are a lock right now. What about the stretch predictions?

  • CSS gradients – coming in IE10
  • CSS transitions and transforms – coming in IE10
  • W3C Ranges/Selection – correct
  • Video element to support H.264 and ogg vorbis – We know it supports H.264, but won’t support ogg. Does support WebM if you have it installed.
  • Audio element to support mp3 and ogg. – We know it supports mp3 (and AAC), but won’t support ogg
  • DOM3 events – correct
  • Web Forms 2.0 – none

So that is two fully correct and two partials.

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