IE9 predictions

Published on 14 Mar 2010 at 9:22 pm.
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My predictions for Internet Explorer 9

  1. Microsoft will officially make an announcement for it at Microsoft MIX 2010.
  2. Border-radius support!
  3. At least a portion of the SVG spec will be supported.
  4. Native support for newly introduced HTML5 elements. They may not actually function, but no longer will one need JavaScript in order to style them.
  5. Native Drag-and-drop
  6. DOM2 events.
  7. DOMContentLoaded support.
  8. Box-shadow and text-shadow
  9. @font-face to support truetype fonts
  10. opacity

Stretch predictions:

  • CSS gradients
  • CSS transitions and transforms
  • W3C Ranges/Selection
  • Video element to support H.264 and ogg vorbis
  • Audio element to support mp3 and ogg.
  • DOM3 events
  • Web Forms 2.0

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