Hey that was my idea…

Published on 2 Jul 2009 at 10:22 pm.
Filed under Web stuff.

Google recently created a new site dedicated to making the Web faster. This site site contains a few articles and video tutorials that are a very helpful resource that gathers advice by experts in the field of Web development. It was the Life’s Too Short – Write Faster Code video that I found particularly interesting. At the 38 minute mark the speaker brings up a module that is used by the dojo library to load Google Analytics faster. The snippet that he shows is a dojo version of the same type of code I posted in the Google Analytics forum for non-blocking GA load and later reitterated on SlashDot.

Do I think they ripped off my idea without any credit? No, I doubt that is the case. In fact looking at the Dojo Google Analytic revision page it seems that they came up with the idea in on August 17, 2008. I don’t recall when we deployed our version at work, but it was months before I posted the version on the Google Analytics forum. Regardless, the ideas were conceived independently from one another which I find fascinating. I don’t think I am a bad programmer by any means, but I didn’t know that I was so good that the techniques I have come up were considered good enough to present to the masses. 🙂

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