A call to Libertarians

Published on 1 May 2009 at 9:58 pm.
Filed under Politics.

Been thinking about the state of the Republican party lately and yes, I am one of those that believes that the Republican party looks to be going down in flames. Driving Specter away and advocating more extremism has shown the mindset of the party and how they are distancing themselves from the values of the American population. While I am fairly liberal, I am not under the illusion that the country would be better off with only one party. In fact, I would be much happier with more than two parties, but we need at least two.

So I am looking at you Libertarins. You’re a group that has sat on the sidelines for years now not pushing for any true political power to advance your values in this country. With the state of the country right now their are people turning away from the Republican party to become “independents” or Democrats. You can’t tell me that some wouldn’t become Libertarians. Like with Republicans, it is time with Libertarins to put up and start trying, or go away.

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