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Published on 7 Jun 2006 at 9:11 pm. 1 Comment.
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Well it’s official, after a six year absence Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) is officially back. So what network is going to air ECW? Sci Fi.

Now, one might wonder why there is wrestling on a network dedicated to science fiction. Then again, one might also wonder why there are live action tv shows on a cartoon network. There just is. :p Seriously though, this is cross promotion. Sci Fi has needed a rantings boost, so they’re trying things. The problem with Sci Fi is that to do a a science fiction show requires a lot of money for special effects. ECW won’t do that, plus it’ll bring a one hour live action television show to the network.

Now I’m sure this is confusing to non-wrestling fans, but if any wrestling federation has fans that like science fiction, it is ECW. ECW fans have been following it on the Internet since 1995 or earlier. They appreciate people that can tell the story of their match in the ring, rather then needing announcers and promos to tell a soap opera drama to get you to care about them. They’re your overly analytical Internet nerds. Yes, they like science fiction (and comic books). In a way, it makes sense for ECW to be on Sci Fi.

Am I happy about ECW being back? Maybe.

If ECW has to play by the same rules as Raw and Smackdown, then it’s just going to be like Woodstock 1999. ECW can’t have moves banned, can’t have every match wrestling the same basic style. It wasn’t what ECW was about before, it shouldn’t be what it’s about now. In a realistic sense, ECW should be booked as competition for TNA. Since WWE has a history of starting something cool that fans look forward to and then don’t deliver … let’s see how this goes.

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  1. Chris Gaubatz on 13 Jun 2006 at 1:15 pm: 1

    I’m not wild about ECW coming to Sci-Fi. It seems like Sci-Fi is saying they can’t compete by staying within the genre. They should spend time getting better writing for their shows and original sci-fi features than using gimmicks like ECW. Effective sci-fi is more about great writing than special effects. X-Files didn’t have an outrageous budget, just great writing and well developed characters.

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