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Published on 3 Jun 2006 at 9:39 pm.
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Well, it’s been quite a while since last I posted. If you had been paying attention, you’d have noticed that the number of posts I had been making prior to my last one had been slowing down. I figure now is an appropriate time to explain things.

About 10 weeks ago my grandmother was found to have a heart problem. She was having difficulty sleeping through the night, and upon visiting her doctor it was found that she had an 8 cm heart aneurysm. The doctors we had talked to said that in her condition that the aneurysm bursts at 6. After a very lengthy surgery, it took her a little over a week to open her eyes for the first time. She then spent weeks working to improve her breathing. At 4 weeks she was moved from Rochester General Hospital to Monroe Community Hospital. At MCH she to enter into long term care. There her breathing improved quite a bit, and during rehab she was slowly regaining some movement, and responded to smell. During this time period, my family was giving her flavored lip gloss to which she responded very favorably. The family was hopeful for a very long, drawn out recovery.

After a week at MCH, there was an episode where she was rushed back to RGH. The full extent from this episode was never really known, but it was suspected that it was hemorroids that were acting up. After a few days there, she was supposed to return to MCH, but due to a mix-up they gave away her room, and had none available. We were supposed to find her a new long-term care facility that could meet her needs, but in the mean time they gave us a packet which explained how the family should exercise her range of motion to keep her muscles from atrophy, and her breathing improved so much that she was breathing room air.

Then one month ago to today there was an episode around 4 in the morning to which her heart stopped beating. The doctors were not able to restart her heart. After weeks of recovery in which she missed my cousin Blake, my uncle Phil (her son), and her own birthday she had passed on.

I was incredibly close to my grandmother. Excluding things like some vacations, my internship last summer, etc. I had seen her for nearly every day of my entire life. While some in my family had gotten sick and could not see her for various reasons (none of them bad, so any family reading this don’t think I’m speaking lightly of you, I know you cared and would have been there if you could — I am merely saying I was lucky enough to be able to visit her so much) only my grandfather and I were able to make it up to the hospitals to check in on her every day. Her sickness and passing has been very hard on me and my family. Especially on Mother’s Day. 🙁

I have been very lucky to have friends that have tried to help me out during this period of time. Christine has IMed me every day, as well as Daisy chatting when she can. Christine, Tristan, and Steve were able to make it to make it to the wake. Alicia and Steve were able to make it to the funeral. Alicia went for the burial. To all of you, I would like to offer my deepest and most heartfelt thanks. Your support during this time has been most appreciated.

Because of a miss understanding with the church that we had taken my grandmother to, I was not allowed to read the eulogy which I had prepared. I guess now is the most appropriate way for me to offer it.

My grandma was a kind and loving woman. She was always willing to do anything she could for you — be it through a gesture or kind words. I remember once back in the day when I was at my aunt and uncle’s home for a family get together and my grandpa had asked me if I was thirsty. I had said yes, so he went to get me something from the fridge. My grandma chastised him and took the pop from his hand and said “he is a big boy; he can get it all by himself”. She then proceeded to pour the pop into the glass my grandfather had gotten out for me until the drink was half full, and then put the pop away, and brought the glass to me. Now, I don’t know how that exactly qualified as me getting it all by myself, but it did show that she cared about me and would go out of her way to do anything to make me happy. I loved her for it. She was a wonderful woman, and I’m never going to be able to forget her. Thank you, grandma.

I have put up some pictures I have of my grandmother on Flickr. Additionally, I am linking to the news flash that was sent out by Monroe Community College. Also, here is the obituary that ran in the Democrat and Chronicle (edited slightly to make it standard compliant formating and to host the image on my server).

My grandmother when she was young
Montagliano, Jennie S. (DeRose)
Wednesday May 3, 2006. Formerly of Ontario Center NY. She is survived by her husband, Firpo; and daughter, Gale LePore; son, Phil and wife Chris; 3 grandchildren, Lisa, Brian, and Blake; brother, Salvatore DeRose. Predeceased by sisters, Anna Zicari, Mary Fiordeliso, Carm Danna, Angie Bellavia, Frances Perri; brothers, Anthony and Joseph DeRose. Survived by many nieces, nephews, and a special nephew, who helped bring together this special couple of 58 years, Gino Fiordeliso. Jennie was a retired postal worker and a special wife, mother, grandmother, and aunt.
Friends may call FRIDAY ONLY
2 – 4 & 7 – 9 PM at DiPonzio Funeral Home Inc., 219 Spencerport Rd, Gates. On Saturday, May 6, friends are invited to attend her Funeral Mass at 9:30 AM in St. John the Evangelist Church, 2400 W. Ridge Rd. Interment, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, please donate to your favorite charity.

First ran on: 05/04/2006

I am still upset with things, but I am beginning to try and catch up on things I’ve fallen behind on. I may not post things as frequently as I did before, but it will get there. 🙂

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