Social Networking

Published on 1 Mar 2006 at 12:32 am.
Filed under Web stuff.

I have added a link to my myspace account to the site navigation. I created the account earlier to be able to view pictures. That is still the basic purpose, but I’m trying to build up the whole social networking thing on there. I’m unsure about whether or not I should duplicate my blog posts on there or here.

I have to say, I completely HATE their options for changing the site. Basically, they have some TEXTAREAs which will basically insert almost anything you want there (there are some filters). In here you can add STYLE elements in them, meaning you’re adding STYLE elements inside the BODY element. The Web nerd in me is crying inside having to do that to modify the style of the page.

So far I’ve been invited to join two groups, but they were too lame to join. Got one spam from a “girl that is using her friend’s account that wants to meet a bf for all the great sex. To contact her send an e-mail to …”. I wonder how this will go.

UPDATE: Make that three spams. They are pretty good about them. They actually plausible too. Don’t get what the purpose is in having me add them as a friend (instead of getting my e-mail address) is though.

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