TNA Against All Odds 2006

Published on 12 Feb 2006 at 11:04 pm.
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Here are my predictions for the NWA Total Nonstop Action (TNA) PPV before the show starts:

  • NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett over Christian Cage
  • X-Division champion Samoa Joe over AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels
  • NWA Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted over Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin
  • Abyss over Rhino
  • Team 3D over Team Canada
  • Latin America Exchange (LAX) over the James Gang
  • Alex Shelley over Petey Williams, Matt Bentley, and Jay Lethal

Rumor has it that former X-Division champion Low-Ki may be returning to TNA to join LAX (maybe not tonight), and that the former long-time World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) referee Earl Hebner will referee the main event. It is reported that he is backstage for the PPV.

Pre-show hypes up the card, followed by a video package/interview of Christian Cage and Jeff Jarrett talking about their match. Christian says he is surprised to get a title shot so fast. Sure he is. We have had two WWE references tonight so far.

Pre-show match #1 is Team Canada’s A-1 against Ron “The Truth” Killings. The ref sends Team Canada to the back before the match. Killings tries a quick roll up for a pin while A-1 is distracted to get a win similarly to he did over Roode last month. Following that was a series of hip tosses and Truth flipping over A-1. A-1 botches a spot and falls on his butt before he gets kicked by Killings. Killings follows this up with an axe kick and gets the win within two minutes. Truth does some post match dancing.

Video package of Rhino and James Mitchell & Abyss. Not much here, just showing them fighting for the most part, some hard rock music. Rhino says he’ll fight Abyss anywhere. He’ll take it to the parking lot if he has to. Mitchell says Abyss has the power of a 747. The video package is followed up by a promo by Mitchell and Abyss. Mitchell talks about a BG mermaid going extinct when they migrated to an area with another dominant species. Says that will happen to Rhino tonight when he faces Abyss because there are no rules in tonight’s match. Abyss can do anything he wants. Yadda Yadda. Mitchell says he prays Abyss takes him up four stories on the catwalk, Mitchell makes a “click” motion and says Abyss will unleash the doomsday device and send Rhino down 60 feet to the floor with a Black Hole Slam.

Pre-show match #2: “The Prince of Punk” and Elix Skipper/David Young from the Diamonds in the Rough face Shark Boy, Lance Hoyt, and Cassidy Riley. Moore and Riley start off and Moore is knocked down at the start, Riley connects with a lionsault for two. Slams Moore against the corners twice, boots to the face of Riley. Young is tagged in and runs at Riley where he does the ole lance storm role through into a single leg crab. Shark Boy is tagged in and knocks David into the corner where he hits the 10 mounted punches. David comes off the top and misses a leg drop. Shark Boy connects with a shark bite. Elix Skipper distracts Shark Boy so Young could connect with a spine buster. Elix is stagged in. Drop toe hold. two. Elix with a butterfly suplex for two. tags in Young. Young kicks Shark boy in the gut. Young hits a mid ring clothesline. Elix is tagged in and Moore is upset that his team is not letting him in. Shark Boy is put on Young’s shoulders and Elix hits an elbow off the tops (shades of Triple X!). Shannon tags himself in and connects with a back drop on Shark Boy for two. Arm bar on Shark Boy. Blind Tag and Elix gets in. Elix and Shannon fight. Hoyt gets the tag while they are fighting. Hoyt clears house and takes everyone out — eventually connecting with a meltdown on skipper for two. Shannon throws out Riley,and the Diamonds in the rough connect with a double team STO on Hoyt. Moore breaks up the pin because he wants to get it. Moore throws everyone out and locks in a single leg grab. Elix kicks him and Moore walks out of the match. Hoyt hits a Texas power bomb (a power bomb into a choke slam) for the three.

Video package on the X-division title match. AJ says he knows better than Daniels and just did what is best for him. Daniels is upset that AJ thinks he knows better than him what is best for his family. Joe says he has beaten them both. Joe says they need to think about not being able to wrestle again. Joe says he is the alpha and the omega. Blah.

Video package for the matches.

Borash interviewing Zybisco in the back. Dave Hebner is there too. Basically, everything is taken care of for all of the fights. No interference should happen, no weapons, no mistakes with the referees.

Don West hypes up the crowd for the PPV that is about to start. Lists all the matches for tonight again. Begs people to call their PPV provider to order the show. Why call? Don’t all PPV providers offer a button on the remotes for their system to order the show?

Last video package and we’re off!

Show starts with Christian Cage arriving to the arena. Wow, someone arrives to the show in something besides a limo! They follow it up by Eric Young being chastised by Scott D’amore for something. I think it has to do with the video that Alex Shelley taped. Jarrett and Gail Kim arrive in a red hummer. Jarrett knows something is wrong with Young, gets him to open up. Young tells him and Sting isn’t gone. Jarrett convinces him that he is gone, telling him to repeat “Sting is gone”.

Video package of Christian Cage and Jeff Jarrett is replayed. I don’t care if this is replaying what was shown earlier, it still said WWE so I’m upping the WWE reference count to 4.

Quick opening tells us that Against All Odds is brought to us by Lame pyro work follows.

Opening match is one that isn’t listed on the card, and it is Austin Aries and Roderick Strong vs. The Naturals. Match starts with a brawl at first. Naturals hit reverse atomic drops on their opponents. They sham each guy into the other and then drop kick each. Double team suplex on Aries brings him into the ring from the apron. Stevens tags Douglas after working on Aries for a bit. Aries is slammed gut first onto Douglas’ knee. Douglas works over Aries and starts chopping him in the corner.Stevens is tagged in and they short arm trip him for two. Strong comes in to break up the pin. Stevens with a reverse knee to the back of the head, followed up by a flatliner. Tags in Douglas. Stevens slams Aries head on Stevens’ knee and Douglas connects with a neck breaker. Aries is slammed into Strong to knock both down. Douglas is back body dropped from the ring to the floor by his open team mate onto the apron. He then splashes on the heels. Aries connects with a shooting star press onto the heels. Strong and Stevens in the ring and Stevens is being worked over. Aries is tagged in. Strong pulls him down and Stevens hits him. As soon as Stevens turns around he gets clobbered with a flying forearm from Aries that was diving between the ropes. Stevens is rolled in for two. Strong is tagged in and they double team him. Strong with a pin attempt for two. Strong with a side back breaker for two. Aries is tagged in and starts working over Stevens in the corner with chops. Strong hits him in the back and Stevens fights out of the corner. Aries scissors Stevens and tags Strong. Stevens gets out of Strong’s grip with a jaw breaker but Aries is tagged in. Douglas is tagged in but the ref doesn’t see it. Forearm in the corner by Strong followed up by a drop kick in the corner by Aries. Aries with an elbow drop off the bottom rope for two. Tags in Strong. Strong with an elbow drop off the top. Aries is tagged in and Aries goes to the top. Aries is crotched when Stevens falls into the ropes. Stevens knocks Strong down. Stevens then rocket launches him out of the corner. Douglas is tagged and cleans house. High knee on Strong. Douglas with a back body drop on Aries. Puts Strong on top. Aries runs crotch first into Strong when he moves. Rana by Douglas onto Strong, who lands on Aries. tries to pin Aries but gets two. Douglas tries a power bomb on Aries but Strong clips him so Aries lands on his chest for two. Aries and Strong connect with a double team lariat/german suplex combo on Douglas. Series of forearms and drop kicks by the heels. Stevens in and clears house. They try a Natural Disaster on Aries, but Strong pulls Douglas out. Aries rolls him up and grabs the ropes. The ref sees this and doesn’t count. Douglas knocks Strong down and gets in the ring. Natural Disaster connects this time for the three!

Re-shows the Zybisco interview.

Borash interviews America’s Most Wanted and Gail Kim. Chris Harris gives Sabin and Sonjay props for winning the tournament, but won’t win the match. They cut to D’amore with the tape and says Kim owes him and apology. Kim says she is sorry. D’amore says that Gayda better be at Impact next week. Zybisco comes in and says that TNA has ruled that if ANYONE interferes tonight in the main event they are fired. D’amore laughs, but Larry says it’s true.

First match that was listed for the card is the four way X-Division match. Alex Shelley comes out with his camera. Petey Williams comes out. Bentley comes out with Tracy in a tight, red outfit. Bentley gets into the crowd for the Bentley bounce. Last man out is Jay Lethal. Starts out with Petey and Bentley. Crowd starts chanting “Let’s go Lethal. Let’s go Bentley”. A few followed that up with “Let’s go Petey”. Poor Shelley. Anyways missed some of the match typing this, d’oh. Bentley connects with a suplex. Bentley with a jumping knee drop for two. Petey tricks Bentley into the corner. Petey puts him into the tree of Woe and starts to stand on his crotch when Tracy gets on the apron and distracts him. Petey gets on the apron and goes to grab her. Bentley lariats him into the ring. Bentley connects with a missile drop kick. Shelley is tagged in. Bentley hits a series of arm drags. Lethal tags himself in. Crowd is hot. Series of trips and pins by each man. Both men mirror each other and connect with nothing. Chop by Lethal. Another. A third. Snap mare followed up by a high jumping drop kick to the back of the head of the sitting Shelley. Lethal with a suplex and a pin when he didn’t let the suplex go. Petey is tagged in by Shelley. Lethal is worked over in the corner by Petey. Shelley is tagged in and locks Lethal into a sitting octopus type hold. Petey drop kicks Lethal illegally. Shelley connects with a slingshot somersault senton from the apron. Front face lock on Lethal and Petey is tagged in. Petey floats over from Lethal’s belly to back suplex attempt and drop kicks Lethal’s back. Petey for two. Slam by Petey. Reverse chin lock on Lethal. Petey sits down to add pressure. Shelley goes to come in and Petey gets up mad that he was coming in. Bentley gets tagged in. Chops Petey repeatedly. Bentley with a back body drop on Petey. Scoop slam on Petey. Bentley to the top. Williams cuts him off as he Bentley gets to the top. Shelley comes up when Petey is on the top. Shelley power bombs Petey. Lethal grabs him and quickly german suplexes him. Bentley connects with a flying elbow drop from the top to break up that pin. Lethal tries to suplex Petey but can’t get him up. Petey spins him out for a slam. Petey back body drops Bentley to the outside. Lethal connects with a back suplex on Petey. Lethal drop kicks Shelley when Shelley comes off the top. Shelley connects with a sling shot DDT from the apron. Bentley in. Series of counters by Bentley and Shelley ends in a flatliner on Shelley. Petey connects with his head scissors into a side Russian leg sweep. Petey motions for the Canadian Destroyer. Jackie Gayda walks out and starts yelling at Shelley. Petey is excited and gets back body dropped by Bentley. Somehow Lethal comes in and pins Petey for the three.

Borash interviews Rhino. Rhino cuts a promo on Mitchell saying that he won’t be eliminated. Says he is from the murder capital of this country. Yadda Yadda. Zybisco comes in and tells him not to interfere in the main event or he will be fired.

Video package on the break up of 3 Live Kru to hype up the James Gang vs. the Latin America Exchange.

The Latin America Exchange (LAX) comes out. Konnan says that Apolo couldn’t be here, but introduces the new member Machete. Apolo is not there. James Gang starts to cut a promo, but LAX jump him from behind. The James Gang fight LAX of and LAX get out of the ring to regroup. Kip James starts off against homicide and Kip laughs at Homicide for being so short. Homicide gets press slammed by Kip after he drop kicked him. Machete hits him from behind to distract him. Kip blows a fut wrench slam spot. BG James is tagged in. As is Machete. BG works over Machete. Konnan distracts him for a bit, but that does nothing. Kip is tagged in and can’t keep up with Machete basically. He nearly takes his head off with a blown lariat by Kip. Homicide prevents Kip from hitting the One and Only. Homicide comes in as the main guy. Kip tries a Stinger Splash but Homicide moves and gets two. Konnan works over Kip James when the ref’s back is turned. Kip is laid out in the middle of the ring. Homicide tries a diving head butt off the top but Kip moves. Both men make tags to the fresh men. BG Kicks Homicide to the outside. BG with a boot on Machete. Homicide breaks up the pin. Homicide is kicked to the outside. BG connects with the pump handle slam for the three. Konnan comes in and hits him with the slap jack thing. Konnan talks some trash. Bullet Bob Armstrong enters the ring and takes off his jacket. Konnan gets out of the ring.

Cuts to the back and a ref is upset that there is no ref for the main event. Zybisco says he has a ref. Larry asks his name. He says he is Mark “Slick’ Johnson. Mark says he should be the ref because he reffed 85 WCW main events. Larry says he has it taken care of, but he doesn’t need to know how.

Next match is Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin vs. America’s Most Wanted (AMW) for the NWA Tag Team Championship. A recap from last night on Impact shows that Sabin’s ankle snapped back during a drop kick and he might not be 100%. Sabin and Storm start off the match. Sabin quickly tags Dutt after he tested his ankle. “Kill the Cowboy” chant by the crowd. Side headlock by Storm. Shoulder bump on Dutt. Storm flicks off the crowd. Sonjay with an arm drag on Storm. Two. Tags in Sabin. Dutt drop toe holds Storm. Sabin elbow drops him. Dutt drop kicks him. Sabin with a snap mare. Sabin with a drop kick for two. Storm runs gut first into Sabin. Harris trips Sabin and slams his ankle against the ring post. Harris throws Sabin into the ring after Storm throws Dutt off the apron. Harris twisting the ankle around the bottom rope. Harris pulls the wrap off of Sabin. Harris drops a leg on the knee of Sabin. Harris completely exposes the ankle of Sabin. Sabin tries to kick Harris. Some idiot starts chanting boring at mat work. Idiot. Sabin is sat up in the corner and tries to fight both men of AMW and then tries to hop to his corner but Harris catches him. Storm is tagged in and jumps off the top and lands on the ankle of Sabin. Side headlock on Sabin. Storm pulls Sabin’s head back and lands on the knees of Storm. Storm working over the ankle and has the leg scissored. Harris is tagged in and works the body. Ref asks Sabin if he can continue, but Sabin won’t stop. Harris runs into the good boot and Sabin tries to hop to the corner, but Storm is tagged in and makes it to Sabin first. Storm holding the hurt foot. Sabin with an enzugiri on Storm. Harris tries to do the same spot but Sabin jumps out and gets a tag. Dutt is on fire hitting ranas and drop kicks on both men and a series of near falls. AMW tries for the Hart Attack but Sabin connects with a missile drop kick on Harris. Dutt connects with the Asai DDT for two. Harris tries a Catatonic on Dutt, but Dutt rolls around and counters it into a pin (in a very blown spot where the ref was counting when Harris’ shoulder was on Dutt’s leg). Dutt with another pin for two. Storm runs and Sabin throws him to the outside. Sabin is thrown into the steel. Dutt tries a Hindu Press, but Harris moves. Super kick by Storm on Dutt. AMW hits the Death Penalty on Dutt for the three. Harris grabs handcuffs and they hand cuff Dutt so that his arms are behind his back and over the top turn buckle. Storm gets a beer bottle and Harris gets a chair. Harris says they won’t use the beer bottle and goes to hit him with the chair. Sabin comes in and stops the chair shot and fights both men off. AMW walk off, Sabin says they are lucky his ankle wasn’t 100%.

Borash interviewing Jarrett and Kim in the back. Borash says that he has to feel pressure because this is his toughest bout to date. He says that it isn’t that hard and Christian is TNA’s last chance to get the belt off him. Jarrett says that with his trusted equalizer, Gail Kim, and the title he is going to walk in the champ and walk out the champ. Monty Brown walks in and opens his mouth and Jarrett cuts him off. Jarrett says we all know what he is going to say. He is the hunter, he is from the Serengeti, he is going on the hunt and someone is going to feel the pounce. He says he is sick of it and says that once he beats Christian tonight that will make Monty the #1 contender and he’ll face him. Jarrett and Kim walk off. Monty says that was very good for his limited vocabulary, and that soon the title is coming to the Serengeti.

Video pack for Abyss and Rhino. Same that was saw earlier.

Abyss and Jame Mitchell come out. Rhino comes out and starts fighting Abyss right at the start. A series of punches followed by a lariat sending Abyss over the top. They enter the crowd and we enter the Generic TNA Crowd Brawl ™ 🙂 They eventually make it back to the ringside area. Abyss is in the ring. Rhino gets a trophy, a bat, a metal tray, a trash can, and a kendo stick/cane. Abyss works over Rhino when his back is turned. Rhino hits Abyss with the cane a few times. Abyss hits Rhino with a trash can. Abyss hits Rhino with the cane a few times and follows it up with a pin for two. Rhino is busted open. Rhino hits Abyss with a metal tray. Rhino puts the trophy on the groin of Abyss, and then hits it with the baseball bat. Abyss rolls out of the ring. Rhino goes after him, but gets suplexed onto the ramp by Abyss. Abyss goes and sets up four tables (a two layer stack of tables) right next to the entrance ramp. Rhino tries to fight him on the top of the entrance way. Rhino hits Abyss’ head on the entrance. Rhino tries the gore but Abyss gets his boot up. Rhino starts walking and they are now fighting outside the arena. Abyss slams Rhino on a car that is there. Abyss misses Rhino with a baseball bat shot. Rhino tries it but misses. Rhino gets slammed into a trash can when Rhino tries to walk Abyss into the arena. They walk back to the ringside area. Rhino gets out a table from under the ring. Rhino sets up the table in the ring. Mitchell hands Abyss a staple gun. Rhino tries to pull him into the ring, but Abyss staples Rhino twice. Abyss sets up another table in the ring. Come on guys, use one of them before you set up another …. Mitchell signals for the detonator. Abyss tries a black hole slam but Rhino counters with a belly to belly suplex. Rhino tries for a gore, but Abyss grabs him by the throat. Abyss choke slams Rhino into the one table set up by Abyss. Pin only gets a two., Mitchell hands Abyss a bag of tacks and goes to pour them out, but Rhino connects with a gore into the table that Rhino set up. “This is awesome” chant by the crowd. Rhino tries a gore, but Mitchell grabs him. Rhino goes after him. Now they are in the stands and walking around the arena. Abyss rips apart part of the stands to allow some space between the stands and the stacked tables. The fans are chanting gore! Abyss hits him with a board from the stuff he ripped off. Kick by Rhino. Rhino GORES HIM FROM THE STANDS AND ABYSS GOES THROUGH THE STACKED TABLES! Rhino doesn’t fall off the stands though, so he somehow gets down off camera. Rhino pins him for the three. Wow!

Borash in the back with Samoa Joe. Joe says he doesn’t care about the X-division code. Joe says he has two towels tonight. One as a reminder and one for the trophy case. Meh of an interview.

Cut back and they are getting Abyss to his feet. The crowd is chanting for Abyss. Way to kill your monster by having him get medical assistance TNA.

Video package from earlier for the X-Division title match.

X-Division title match. Each man opens up on the other. Daniels chops AJ and then has a headlock on Joe. AJ drop kicks Daniels when Daniels is on the other side of Joe. AJ with a back body drop on Daniels. AJ with a forearm on Joe. AJ with a suplex attempt on Joe. Joe front suplexes AJ onto his face. Joe kicks AJ hard.Daniels forearms Joe when Joe went to splash AJ. Daniels Monkey flips AJ into Joe, but Joe counters that into a boston crab. Daniels kicks Joe’s back to break it up. Daniels with a high knee sends Joe to the outside. Daniels tries to dive to the floor but AJ elbows him. AJ kicks Joe from the apron and tries a splash off the apron, but Daniels knocks him to the floor. Daniels tries a dive to the outside but Joe with an open hand slap as Daniels’ head was on the outside. AJ throws Joe into the rail. AJ inside with Daniels and connects with a suplex. AJ with a death lock and a headlock, which he rolls over onto his chest. Joe kicks AJ. Joe with an STF on AJ. Daniels with a Koji Klutch on Joe. They eventually all let go. Daniels with a scoop slam on AJ and a sling slot elbow from the apron for two. Joe with some chops in the corner and a high knee in another corner. Face Washer in the corner by Joe, followed by a running face washer. AJ tries to charge in with a splash on Joe, but Joe grabs him with his hand and slams him down face first. Daniels tries to suplex Joe onto the outside from the apron. Joe drops Daniels to the floor. AJ tries to splash on Joe, but Joe ducks so AJ flip dives onto Daniels. AJ and Daniels fight on the outside so Joe connects with a suicide dive on both men. Daniels is rolled in by Joe. Joe rolls AJ in. Joe with a leg sweep on Joe who was on the apron. Daniels with a knee on Joe to knock him off. Daniels and AJ each hit a roll up on the other for two. Daniels has a side headlock on Joe. AJ lariats Daniels for Joe to hit a belly to back suplex to add to the lariat. Joe hits AJ so he can pin Daniels, but only gets two. Joe kicks Daniels and lands a senton on him, but only gets two. Daniels with head butts to Joe. Palm slaps by Daniels. Joe with a power slam, and then locks in an MMA style arm lock. Rope break. Joe with kicks to Daniels. AJ hits Joe’s back to prevent a muscle buster. AJ with an enzugiri to the back of Joe’s head. Joe with a boot to AJ’s head as Daniels hits an STO on AJ. Daniels with a Koji Klutch, but Joe breaks it up with a knee to the back of the head. Joe with chops on Daniels. Daniels with a go behind. Joe fights back with elbows. Joe tries a lariat but Daniels turns it around with a go behind. He tries a full nelson but then turns it into a german suplex! Daniels with a urnage which sets up the Best Moonsault Ever (BME). but only gets two. Daniels tries an Angles Wings, but AJ dives over and tries to hit a Styles Clash but Daniels kicks him in the head. Joe with a desperation lariat on Daniels. Joe tries to hit a muscle buster on AJ but he powers out of it. Spin kicks by AJ on both me. AJ connects with a pump handle slam on Daniels for two. AJ with a torture rack into a slam for two. AJ with an inverted DDT on Joe. AJ wants a clash on Joe, but Daniels knocks him off. AJ with a lariat on Daniels in the corner. Joe back body drops AJ onto the outside. Daniels has Joe on his shoulders. AJ tries an elbow on Joe while up there, but barely gets it. Daniels with a death valley driver / spicy drop for two. Daniels is knocked out of the ring, as AJ is put on the top of the turnbuckle. Joe hits the muscle buster on AJ for the three to remain champion.

Video package for Team 3D where they say they wanted either Team Canada or AMW. The video package says Team Canada won the vote so they are fighting them first.

The battle of the Teams starts off as Team Canada is getting owned by Team 3D. Eventually resulted in Roode and Bubba fighting. Roode was slammed by Bubba. Bubba then threw Young off the top turnbuckle. Devon was tagged in and they slammed Young down. Elbow drop on Young. Back spring elbow by Devon on Young. Devon lariats Young in the corner and Young grossly oversells it. I love Young. 🙂 D’amore in the ring distracts Devon, but nothing happens from it. Devon connects with a shoulder block. Devon goes to bounce off the ropes but Roode pulled them down so he fell out. D’amore slams Devon into the steps and rubs his face on the steps. Devon is juicing. Roode works him out the outside for a bit before Devon is thrown in. D’amore rubbing the plaque on Devon’s face as the ref is distracted. Young slams Devon’s head on the corner. Roode is tagged in. Double team suplex on Devon. Roode with a side headlock on the ground as the ref checks to see if Devon is out of it. Devon up and elbows out. Roll up only gets a two. Roode with stomps on Devon after Roode tags Young. Young chokes him. Young working Devon in the corner. Snap mare by Young and then locks in a camel clutch on Devon. Roode is tagged in and slams Devon and then connects with a mid rope fist. Young is in and hits a splash off the top. Bubba comes in and slaps him. Roode grabs Devon’s arm and uses it to taunt Bubba making a “I want a tag” like gesture. Devon is pumping up when the crowd get behind him. Roode jumps up and splashes on him. Devon is dragged back to Team Canada’s corner. Young is tagged id and locks in a camel clutch. Young tries the same spot that Roode just did to jump up on Devon, but Devon turned over and got his knee up to hit Young in the nuts. Bubba is tagged in and splashes both members of Team Canada. Bubba with back body drops on each member of Team Canada, followed up by side walk slams on each man. Team Canada connects with a double team flapjack on Bubba Ray. Roode is in the corner and is thrown into the crotch of Eric Young (who was on the top turnbuckle. Bubba connects with a superplex. Roode with a double sledge on Bubba. Roode misses Bubba with the hockey stick. Bubba tries a Bubba bomb but Roode hits him in the nuts. Bubba is then hit with the hockey stick and Young pins Bubba but only gets two. Young tries a moonsault on Bubba but misses. Roode misses Bubba with a Northern Lariat as Bubba moves. 3D on Roode for the three. AMW comes out and attacks Team 3D as soon as the match is over. AMW gets a table out and sets it up in the ring. Devon is put on top of a table. Ron Killings of all people comes out and saves 3D by knocking Harris off the top. They put Eric Young on the table, and Ron Killings connects with a flying leg drop off the top through the table. Wasn’t expecting that. Makes sense given Killings’ history with Team Canada recently though.

The announcers hype up the main event. This is followed up with Jeremy Borash interviewing Christian Cage in the back. Christian asks how the Christian Coalition is. The crowd cheers. Christian admits that he is nervous. Christian says this is why he got in the business. He questions whether or not it was a good idea to leave WWE for this shot (WWE reference count 5). Christian is doing everything he can to hype up this match. Pretty damn convincing too. I think the Captain Charisma might actually walk out of this match the champ! They show the video package for the title match AGAIN. WWE reference count is now at 7.

Borash introduces Larry Zybisco and Dave Hebner, and they bring out the referee for this match, former WWE referee Earl Hebner! Earl looks a little bit smaller than I last remember. Tenay and West call Earl the most controversial ref in history, bringing up his part in the Survivor Series 1997 incident.

“Captain Charisma” Christian Cage is introduced first. Next comes Jeff Jarrett (JJ) with the NWA World Heavyweight title, his guitar, and Gail Kim. Man is this taking a lot of time.

They start out by trash talking. Christian pushes Jarrett. They lock up and move around the ring for a bit. Side head lock by Christian. Gets pushed off and a shoulder bump knocks Jarrett down. Christian turns him around first and tries an early unprettier, but Christian gets out of it. Christian tries to slide between the legs of JJ but JJ paint brushes the back of his head. Christian fakes out JJ on a rebounding spot out of the corner and then hits the second one for real to role sunset flip him. JJ tries to suplex Christian to the outside, but only does it to the apron. They fight on the apron and Christian ends up DDTing him onto the apron. JJ falls off and Christian tries a splash off the top, but misses. JJ swings Christian into the railing. Christian is slammed onto the announcers booth. JJ working Christian with punches. JJ slingshots Christian onto the announcers booth. Earl forces them back into the ring. Jarrett with a drop kick on Christian for two. JJ locks in a sitting headlock. Christian elbows JJ a few times to get out of it. JJ hot shots Christian onto the ropes. JJ chokes Christian on the ropes. Earl pulls him off and JJ pushes him and Earl pushes him back. JJ kicks Christian on the rope and distracts the ref so Gail Kim can hit a hurrican rana. The announcers say that if Earl saw it it she would have been fired, which is bullshit since they didn’t say “if the ref sees it” earlier. Anyways, some back and forth fighting by Christian and JJ. Christian locks in a figure four. Gail Kim pulls JJ to the ropes so he can get a rope break. Enzugiri by Jeff Jarrett. JJ tries a sharp shooter on him. Christian grabs the leg of Earl, begging him not to end it. They bring up Montreal again. Yawn. Earl misses Christian just touching the rope. Christian turns it around and has Jarrett in the sharp shooter. Christian lets it go and is hit by Jarrett, so he falls head first onto JJ’s testicles. Both men are down and the ref starts counting. Christian with rights and lefts on Jarrett. Shoulder bump on Jarrett. Jarrett runs into a boot on Christian. Jarrett tries a scoop slam on Christian, but Christian turns it into a DDT. Jarrett goes through the legs of Christian and slides into Earl, knocking him down. Kim prevents Christian from getting to the top. Jarrett hits a stroke off the top. Earl eventually makes his way to them, clutching his ankle. Christian kicks out at two. The crowd is chanting Christian Cage. Jarrett throws Christian and he hits the ref. Christian hits an unprettier on Jarrett, but there is no ref to count. Slick Johnson comes out and makes the count but only gets two. Christian signals that the title is coming to him and Christian goes for a stroke. Slick says he saw the nut kick and said that he was going to disqualify him, but Jarrett kicked him in the nuts. Kim tosses a chair in. Jarrett tries to hit him with a chair, but Christian hits a missile drop kick that sends the chair into him. Crowd counts to 10 for a pin on Jarrett. Christian goes for Kim and tries to hit an unprettier on her, but Jarrett hits him with the guitar. Kim cleans up the mess and Earl eventually starts to count. ONLY A TWO! The crowd can’t believe it! Gail Kim is on the top and tries a rana as Jarrett distracts the ref. Christian power bombs her rana. Both Christian and Jeff Jarrett try each man’s finishers, but each man counters it. Christian eventually connects with an unprettier for the three! Christian Cage is the new NWA World Heavyweight champion!

WOW! I wasn’t expecting that yet. I thought we had some more time before he would get the belt. All the faces in TNA are in the ring. Fans are in the ring!

Well, I didn’t do too well my predictions as I was three for seven. This pay per view was pretty good, and I enjoyed it. Great to see Christian as a world heavyweight champion. WWE dropped the ball with him.

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