Real Life Super Heroes

Published on 24 Jan 2006 at 8:43 pm.
Filed under Comics.

For the last two weeks Lying in the Gutters have interviewed Mr. Silent and Doktor DiscorD from the Justice Society of Justice — offering twice the justice of the leading competition! The good Mr. Silent fancies himself to be something similar to Rorschach from Alan Moore’s Watchmen and sees the pair as something similar to the droogs in Clockwork Orange (which may not be a good thing). Doktor DiscorD on the other hand does not compare himself to any literary characters, and freely admits just taking his costume from things that were laying around his home.

Hailing from Indianapolis, the duo have not yet fought much crime, and have actually resolved situations through logic and discussion! To quote Doktor DiscorD: Do you really want to shoot somebody when you’re in the center of the state capitol with cameras all over you and an undercover cop in that car behind me? Currently, they have yet to battle a super villain. This is quite possibly a good thing, because they do not appear to have any useful powers. Mr. Silent fancies himself similar to Batman, but adds that he has the uncanny ability to spin for hours without falling down! Doktor DiscorD appears to be more of a brawler from what I’ve read.

Considering that the Justice Society of Justice have begun to find their very own groupies maybe it is time that the ole POWRSURG get into the super hero business! With great power comes great boobies! And besides, it’s not like Rochester doesn’t need more protection. I could be the very next Speedball, Slapstick, or Aquaman. I can manage enough daddy issues/inner conflict to give me a good enough back story for a reason to fight for justice. That said, I don’t know how great I would look in spandex. Maybe I should pick up some armor?

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