That is one expensive ferry

Published on 19 Jan 2006 at 1:14 am.
Filed under Politics.

Well, it seems that under former Mayor Johnson, an FBI investigation revealed that the city of Rochester paid at least $85.5 million in taxpayer dollars for the fast ferry. Of course, the former mayor believes that there are those out there that believe it would have worked.

How much money would it have taken for the ferry to have worked? What was its goal? To give the city a tourist attraction? To set up another means to/from Canada? If so, where are they to stay? What are they to do while here? Living in Charlotte and listening to local business, I can tell you that rent near the ferry is way too expensive. Parking is a problem, and there are a string of businesses going under.

So where does the city go from here? This I’d like to see.

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