In a way, the 70’s ended …

Published on 18 Jan 2006 at 11:57 pm.
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… the day we sold it. December thirty-first, 1979. Well, that Simpsons reference is close enough ….

That said, Fox is officially canceling That 70’s Show with its last episode to air in May. Meanwhile, crap like American Idol is getting renewed. Bah I say! Great, now the only thing Fox airs that I care about are the Sunday night Foxtoons. If that is the only thing they have left, bring back Futurama damn it. And I mean really do it. I’m sick of hearing a new article saying people are trying to bring the show back. I want official word from Fox that the show is coming back, else stop teasing me!

Admittedly, I can understand the cancellation of this show. First, they are in 1979. Second, the two main stars, Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher, have left the show. The new character introduced is not funny in the least. In fact, the new guy that they introduced before him that they killed off in his second or third appearance was funnier. The character Fez finally had sex in some episode I must have missed, Hyde married a stripper in a drunken stupor to effectively end his relationship with Jackie, Jackie is floating around doing nothing, Donna is slowly falling for the sucktatcular new guy. Whatever. This season sucked, and was an end to the best sitcom Fox had in years.

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