Job Search update

Published on 17 Jan 2006 at 8:50 pm.
Filed under Life.

So, today I sent out probably the most job applications than I have ever to date. I admit that I should have sent out many more already, but I just absolutely hate writing cover letters. I have a basic template which tells me what to write in each paragraph and such. I always remember to change the location it should be sent to as well as the name. Normally, I literally spend hours dissecting what I write. I am trying my very hardest to get the wording, grammar, etc. correct (meaning it gets a lot more work than my blog entries get).

So anyways, I’m working on the cover letter for the latest job posting that my old boss Steve passed along when I realized that I have been a complete idiot and everything before this has been a waste of time. You see, at the very top under my name and address I list the date … which I have been forgetting to update … since I applied for a position with SUNY Brockport in 2005. Sigh. Should I re-apply to all the other positions I’ve applied to with an updated date? Will that matter? Gah. I cannot believe I missed that in all the hours I have looked at these things, nor that anyone I asked to look them over mentioned it either. Oh well.

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