TNA Final Resolution thoughts

Published on 15 Jan 2006 at 11:33 pm.
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Got caught up with the Carolina/Chicago game, so I forgot to turn it to the preshow on time. I join Team Canada (A1, Erik Young, and Petey Williams) vs Kenny King, Jay Lethal and Lance Hoyt near the end of the match. Jay Lethal misses a splash off the top, and Petey connects with the Canadian Destroyer for the three. Canadians win.

For the record, my picks for tonight are: Sting&Christian / Samoa Joe / Team 3D / AJ Styles/ Abyss / Raven / James Gang / Roode / Alex&Strong&Aries. I’m unsure on Abyss and Roode, and I am torn on the Joe/Daniels. Daniels needs a strong win to get heat back, but Joe should have a lengthy run dominating. I guess it depends on how the contract re-negotiations went.

Cut to a promo showing Brother Bubba from Team 3D from last week on Impact putting over how America’s Most Wanted has the one tag title belt they want that they have never held. Put over having held the ECW, WCW, and WWE tag team titles.

Cut to Douglas and Borash questioning what will Sting do in TNA?

Showing Don West and Mike Tenay giving us a run down of matches for the show.

They show the ring, and introduce Konnan’s new group, the Latin America Xchange (LAX). Konnan is wrestling tonight because Apolo couldn’t make it to the show from Puerto Rico in time. Konnan begs The Truth to join their group because they’re friends and what happened with the James Gang and them have nothing to do with them. I guess Konnan forgets that Truth isn’t Latin American?

The Naturals come out for their match. Naturals start out on fire with multiple double team moves on Homicide. Powerbomb/drop kick combo, Chase Stevens slamming Homicide’s head on Andy Douglas’ knee. Konnan gets tagged in and starts working on Douglas. Konnan yells at the crowd before he hits a rolling thunder clothesline. Tags Homicide, who starts laying in elbow drops into Douglas’ knee. Tags in Konnan who tosses Douglas Into the air. Tags Homicide. Douglas tries an enzugiri but misses, Douglas rolls through and sends Homicide into the corner. Konnan comes in and gets beat knocked out of the ring by the Naturals. Natural Disaster on Homicide. The ref yells at one of the Naturals to get out while the other pins Homicide. Konnan hits The Natural that is pinning Homicide gets hit with something Konnan had, and then rolls him over for the three.

Cut to Shane Douglas trying to get an interview with Sting. Shane enters the locker room and finds Team Canada eating Sting’s welcome food. Petey is upset that Sting got a plaque welcoming him. Eric Young says he has a Canadian-Sense warning him of danger and that he senses that Sting is here somewhere. The lights go out and Young shouts his head off saying he didn’t mean it. Lights come back on and Young is in Shane Douglas’ arms (he jumped in fear). Douglas dumps him on Team Canada. We turn to see that Scott D’amore had turned the lights out to mess with him, and says that they have to find Jarrett.

Cut to the Jarrett and Monty Brown promo from last week’s Impact. Brown says he is Darwinism incarnate. He brings up being on the field with people like Bledsoe and Kelly among others.

Cut to Don West in front of the crowd selling all the matches coming up. God is TNA putting way too much into signing Sting.

Video package hyping matches for the Pay Per View. It starts with the split of 3 Live Kru, focusing on Konnan being the jackass that caused the split. Next up is Sting in TNA, random clips, Team 3D, blah.

Long ass FBI warning! The show is on!

Start the show with a better video package hyping the show. Starts with Jarrett and Monty talking all about Sting. Yea, Christian matters in this match. Blah. They show AJ Styles, Christian, and Dutt talking about Sting. OK. I am sick of Sting. presents Final Resolution. Wait, what? The company’s Web site presents their Pay Per View? Huh?

Pyro goes off. The pyro sucks … TNA needs to work on their production value.

Alex Shelley, Roderick Strong, and Austin Aries start off the show facing Matt Bentley (with Traci), Sonjay Dutt, and Chris Sabin. WTF, Sabin has a new look. He has some funky new hair style and has a black suede jacket. Sabin starts the match against Shelley. they try a test of strength and Shelley stomps on Sabin’s hair, tries to rip the mouth open. Sabin flips over Shelley in the corner, back kick, snap mare by Sabin and then a drop kick to the sitting Shelley. Sabin powerbombs Dutt onto Shelley. Shelley breaks out by biting the thumb of Dutt. Funky Octopus variation on Dutt as Strong is tagged in. Dutt with a series of arm drag variations. Bentley is tagged in. Strong pulls his hair and backs him into the corner. Bentley turns it around and hits some punches. My video screws up. Uhm. Bentley with an arm bar on Strong now. Camera man shows Traci in her nice school girl outfit. Bentley with a northern lights suplex for two. Arm wringer. Tags Dutt back in. Dutt is back dropped onto the apron. Sonjay attempts the sprinkler and Aries breaks it up. Strong and Aries have Dutt on their shoulders and Shelley jumps on his stomach stomping him. Camera man shows Dave Hebner looking on. Strong with a butterfly suplex for two. Aries is tagged in and kicks Dutt. Springs off the ropes and kicks Dutt. Belly to back suplex for two. Aries drapes Dutt on the ropes and then kicks him. Aries distracts the ref and Strong throws him off. Camera man shows Jerry Lynn looking on. Shelley holds Dutt in a slingshot position and Strong kicks him as Dutt gets flipped over, Dutt lands on Shelley’s knees. Aries with a springboard somersault senton on Dutt on Shelley’s knees. The heels all pick Dutt into the air and slam him down. Crowd starts chanting Dutt. Strong tries to flip Dutt over and he lands on his feet. Multiple revolutions by Dutt and both men are down. Tags Sabin in. Shelley tries to jump in and gets kicked. Sabin with a rana on Shelley. Running kick on Shelley in the corner. Tree of Woe set upon Alex. Sabin with two running drop kicks to Shelley’s face. Sabin drop toe holds Aries into Shelley’s groin. Sabin with a standing tornado DDT on Strong while kicking Shelley and Aries. Bentley with an elbow drop off the top. Strong with a back breaker on Bentley. Dutt with an Asai DDT on Strong. Dutt tries for a Hindu Press but Aries knocks him off. Sabin pushes Aries off the top. Sabin with a suicide dive between the ropes on Aries. Bentley with a wave of the future. Bentley tries a super kick on Shelley, but Strong hits a mean drop kick from no where. Strong tries a back breaker but Bentley falls off. Strong yelling at Traci who is on the apron. Bentley with a super kick on Strong, but turns around and gets school boyed by Shelley for the three. It’s over. Woo hoo, 1 for 1.

Video package on the death of 3 Live Kru.

Next up is the Diamonds in the Rough against the James Gang. Simon Diamond is not wrestling this match, but managing Elix Skipper and David Young. Jeremy Borash introduces the former New Age Outlaws as “teaming together for the first time in Total Nonstop Action”. BG James gets on the mic and welcomes us to Final Revolution. He says a modified version of his own the old Road Dogg bit for the New Age Outlaws. Kip James says that if you don’t like it he has three words for you: “get it, got it, good” … that isn’t three words. Anyways. Skipper starts off against BG. I miss part of it typing up the above. Primetime Elix Skipper is dominating BG, slamming him down multiple times. Elix beats him down with a punch. BG with the ole Road Dogg punches, followed by the shake rattle and roll. Elix matrix-es out of the pin. Kip is tagged in as well as David Young. Kip does a crotch chop and shouts “SUCK THAT”. OK, enough with the DX references. Kip kicks David , both diamonds in and kip hits a Japanese arm drag on both of them. BG double lariats both men out over the top. James Gang slam both Diamonds into each other. The crowd chants "New Age Outlaws*quot;. The announcers point out that it’s been years since the James Gang tagged together. Elix is tagged in. Snap mare on BG, followed by a soccer kick to the back. BG is down. Two count. Simon yells at Elix for not hooking the leg. Elix slams BG into the corner and then tags Young. Drop toe hold by Elix, followed by a drop kick by Young. Kip distracts the ref from counting the pin. Young misses a moonsault off the top. Kip and Elix are tagged in. Kip clears house on the heels. Kip knocks Simon off the apron. Kip misses his corner splash. Elix with the springboard apron flip lariat. BG tries a humping pump handle slam. Young takes BG out and both men are outside. Elix wants a Play of the Day, but Kip rolls out of it and hits the One and Only for the three. 2 for 2.

Shane Douglas is interviewing Christopher Daniels. Daniels points out that it took Joe six months to say something, and that Joe has never beat him in the record books. Daniels says he is not feeble, and hurt Joe last night on Impact. Daniels says that he believes that when it comes to the X-Division there is no “you” there is only “me”. He believes that Joe should say his prayers.

Time for the international showcase as New Japan’s Jioroshi Tanahashi comes out to face AJ Styles. Crowd is chanting “Tanahashi”. AJ is introduced as the 2005 Mr. TNA. The announcers put over that Shannon Moore stole his award on Impact. Tanahashi is happy to be cheered. Show of respect by both men. They lock up. full nelson by Tanahashi. Crowd trading chants for each man. AJ with a hammer lock. Tanahashi backs him into a corner. Tanahashi with a mule kick followed by an arm drag. they replay this spot. Series of arm drags by each man. Tanahashi counters an arm drag by AJ and turns it into an arm bar on AJ. AJ with forearm smashes on Tanahashi. AJ with a drop kick on Tanahashi. Tanahashi rolls to the outside. AJ tries a splash to the outside but Tanahashi moves, but AJ saw this and turned his attention to only jump onto the apron and then jumped right back into the ring. Tanahashi back in. Both men trading chops, and then trade forearm smashes. Tenay puts over Tanahashi being the best pro wrestler in his university’s pro wrestling club. AJ with a high knee drop. Tanahashi with a hard german suplex, followed by a high jumping elbow drop. Tanahashi with an abdominal stretch with an elbow into the gut. Tenay puts over Tanahashi beating Negro Casas and Scott Hall. AJ makes it to the ropes for a break. Stomps on AJ. Both men up. There is a series of sleepers by both men. Tanahashi gets the last one, and then turns it into a dragon sleeper. Giant Swing by Tanahashi and then chokes AJ with his knee. Tanahashi with a scoop slam on AJ. Tanahashi misses an elbow drop off the middle turnbuckle. AJ with a spinning kick to the back of the head of Tanahashi. AJ with a running lariat on Tanahashi. Hits a second one. Tanahashi fights of a suplex, and puts AJ on the apron. AJ with a springboard forearm smash. AJ with his vertical suplex into a neck breaker for a two count. Tanahashi sent to the corner. AJ runs into the boot. They reverse this but AJ hits an elbow. Tanahashi with a full nelson suplex for a two count. Tanahashi frustrated. Styles misses a spinning kick that looks like a missed spot. Tanahashi with a lariat type splash thing. Two count. USA chant from the crowd. AJ is slammed into the corner. AJ is then put onto the top turnbuckle. Tanahashi tries a belly to back off the top. AJ with elbows. Tanahashi with head butts. Tanahashi tries the belly to back and AJ twists so he lands on top of him. series of standing switches by AJ and Tanahashi. Moore runs in and hits Tanahashi with the plaque when he goers for AJ. AJ hits the pele on Moore. Tanahashi dazed. AJ hits the Styles Clash on Tanahashi for the three. Wasn’t clean, but it saves Tanahashi’s credibility in Japan. AJ is made he won this way. Tanahashi hands AJ his plaque, and raises his hand. Moore runs in and steals the plaque. AJ is pissed. Still, I’m 3 for 3.

Video package on Raven and his history with Larry Zybisco. They are acting like Raven is a jerk for wanting his rematch for the title that he should be given for having lost the title six months ago. Blah. Raven says he hopes it is someone else from his past, and Raven says he has never tapped and cannot be pinned if he doesn’t wants to.

Shane Douglas is interviewing Raven in his sanctuary. Raven cuts a decent promo, but avoids his usual eloquence. Raven says someone is going to get hurt, and Larry Zybisco better hope that it’s him.

Cut to Larry in the ring saying that if Raven doesn’t sign his release, he has to wrestle someone tonight. It turns out that it is “X-Pac” Sean Waltman. Well, there’s a lawsuit right there, isn’t it? Still, nice to see Waltman back. Raven comes out with the shopping cart of stuff. Raven rams that cart into Waltman, and then chases after Larry. Larry runs around the ring and Raven eventually gets hit by Waltman when they arrive to that side. Waltman tosses the trash can of crap into the ring. Waltman starts beating on Raven inside the ring with a cane. Waltman tries to hit Raven with a Trash can, but Raven hits him with the trash can’s lid. I guess Raven was hit, as he falls outside the ring. Raven is juicing here. Raven comes after Larry, but is stopped by security. Waltman hits a splash on Raven and the security. Waltman rams the shopping cart on Raven multiple times. Raven walks up the ram getting hit by the cart. They are at the entrance way and Raven hits Waltman with a trash can lid multiple times. Raven puts Waltman into the shopping cart and pushes the cart off of the entrance way. Waltman falls out right before it goes over, and lands on the top of the entrance, but bounces off and falls down (ouch). Raven rams the shopping cart on Waltman multiple times. Waltman makes his way into the ring. Raven tosses a table and a ladder into the ring. Raven goes for his rebounding lariat on Waltman, but Waltman ducks and hits the ref who falls outside the ring. Raven hits the Raven Effect on Waltman and gets a pin, but no ref to count. Larry yells at Raven for hitting the ref. Waltman tries to hit Raven with a trash can, but Raven kicks it into his face. Tries a pin, but Larry counts very slowly. Waltman is in the corner and Raven tries the mounted corner punches. Waltman with a low blow on Raven, and then hits a face buster. Larry with the same slow pins. Waltman lays Raven onto the ladder in the corner and then tries the bronco buster. Raven moves, and then tries a pin, but only gets two. Raven sets up the ladder and the table now. Raven walks up the ladder and pulls Waltman up it. Larry hits Raven. Waltman punches him, and hits an X-Factor off the top and through the table. Waltman puts on a pin. Raven gets his foot on the rope and Larry sees it, but ignores it and still counts the three. Larry screwed Raven out of a title shot and thus ends Raven’s career. Whatever. This is stupid. Larry rubs it into Raven’s face. Larry calls for NWA security. Raven is frustrated, and the crowd is chanting for him. Cassidy Reilly comes out and is pissed. Raven puts up his hand to tell him not to help. Raven waves to the crowd. Don West tells him he got robbed as he walks by. Blah, I’m 3 for 4.

Cut to Shane Douglas talking to the Truth Ron Killings. Stupid BS about the 3 Live Kru situation and the Bobby Roode thing. Konnan comes in and asks why he won’t call him back. Truth says he doesn’t know how he can trust Konnan after everything. Konnan wants Truth to know that he will always have his back and what he did to the James Boys won’t happen to him. He says that the LAX will back him against Team Canada.

Cut to the announcers putting over Raven’s time in TNA. Tenay says that TNA is what keeps him from killing himself and when he won the title.

They cut to Larry tossing Raven’s bag at him. Jackie Gayda walks in and says she and Raven have a lot in common, that they both know what it’s like to be screwed. Gayda says it’s bigger than they all think. Very confusing video.

Team Canada’s Bobby Roode makes his way to ringside as TNA shows a video package showing Truth owning him on Impact in a series of matches before Roode beat him in the third match with help. They says that this match will settle the score, even though Truth is up two matches to one. Truth is out. Truth almost beats Roode with a school boy in the first few seconds (like the first two matches they had). Truth flips over Roode and tries a back roll up pin but only gets two this time. OK, we’ve had the two moves that beat Roode last time not work, so now what. Roode with a hammer lock on Truth. standing switch. Head lock take down. roll up. back slide attempt by Roode. Side headlock . Sunset flip. The standard Rob Van Damn/Jerry Lynn series of pins. Roode gets out of the ring. Roode walking away. Coach D’amore yells at him to get back in. Truth with a flip dive on Roode. Truth chants by the crowd. Truth with rights on Roode. Truth chases D’amore off. Roode picks up Truth when he turns around and then backs him unto the post. Roode gets into the ring and distracts the ref while D’amore lays some kicks into Truth. Roode working Truth over in the corner. Stomps on Truth when he falls down. D’amore chokes Truth in the corner when Roode distracts the ref. Truth up and hits some rights. Roode with a high knee lift. Roode with a front suplex to drape Truth on the ropes, but Truth bounces off the ropes on down. Abdominal stretch buy Roode, who gets extra help by grabbing the hockey stick that D’amore extends out. Ref tries to catch him, nada. Repeat, nada. Repeat and catches him. Ref kicks the stick and D’amore falls into the steel railing. Truth is slammed down. Roode with a knee drop off the top for the two count. Roode with a sitting bear hug on Truth. Both men up, Truth with back elbows to get out, but Roode grabs his pants and pulls him into a back smash. Roode runs into an elbow in the corner. Tries again and Roode runs into his boots. Truth on top and connects with a missile drop kick. Roode punches and Truth blocks and punches him. Again, and Truth gets in more punches. Lots of punches by Truth. Truth with his flipping flying forearm smash gets two. Truth tries to float over but gets caught by Roode. Falls out and splits to avoid a lariat, hits the flipping leg lariat for two. Truth puts Roode on the top turnbuckle. Truth tries a middle rope superplex, but Roode punches him and connects with a front suplex. Roode with a splash but Truth rolls with him to get on top for the two. Konnan comes out. Roode misses the northern lariat when Killings splits. Truth kicks Roode and doubles him over. Truth sees Konnan and asks what’s up. Roode hits the northern lariat for the three right in front of Konnan. Konnan tries to hug Truth and get him to his side. Truth is upset. Truth doesn’t seem to be buying into it. BG James coming out and says they have a family reunion, but this time he is going to kick Konnan’s ass. Homicide comes out and the LAX beat on BG. Truth leaves the ring as Kip James comes out to make the save. Killings walks off. I’m 4 for 5.

Shane Douglas interviewing James Mitchell and Abyss. Asks about Sting, whatever. They hype the match against Rhino. Mitchell tells Rhino that he is a mammal and is supposed to reproduce, so stop acting like having a daughter is a big deal. Mitchell calls Abyss a weapon of mass destruction and his him set to put Rhino on the way to extinction. This is followed with a video package hyping the little history between these guys that set up this match. Whatever.

Abyss comes out, followed by Rhino. Rhino takes it to Abyss right away and starts to beat on Abyss. Abyss punches on Rhino when he tries a back body drop. Abyss can’t overpower Rhino and hit a hip toss, so Rhino lariats him down. Rhino lariats Abyss over the top. Rhino connects with a pescado! Since when does Rhino use aerial moves? Rhino slams Abyss on the railing. Abyss slams Rhino’s face on the ring apron. Abyss goes under the ring and gets out three chairs, but leaves one on the ground. Abyss hits Rhino with the chair three times. Abyss throws the chairs into the ring. Both men in. Rhino with a snap mare and follows it up with a running drop kick to the back, and then a running leg drop for 2. Rhino falls down when he is thrown into the corner. Abyss wedges a chair between the top and middle rope. Rhino is sent to the corner, but he puts his foot up and stops himself from going into it. Rhino gets kicked and then thrown into the chair. Abyss chokes Rhino over the middle ropes. Open hand slap on Rhino’s chest. Snap mare by Abyss, who follows it up with a head vice. Rhino standing up and hits elbows and punches. Rhino runs into the big boot of Abyss. Abyss with another head vice. Crowd is chanting Rhino. Rhino with punches to the body. Rhino puts Abyss on his shoulders and connects with a TKO! Holy shit! Both men are down and we have a rest spot. Both men up and Rhino connects with a shoulder block. Rhino with an elbow and then a shoulder block to the cut. Rhino hits two chair shots on Abyss. the crowd is chanting “One more time”. Rhino does it again. Rhino works the crowd. Rhino sets up the gore. Mitchell grabs his leg. Rhino turns around and yells at him. Abyss hits Rhino with the chain when Rhino turns around. Abyss poses and then pins him. Mitchell signals the detonator. Abyss tries an irish whip but Rhino turns it into a spine buster for two. Rhino shouts “Rhino driver”. tries it. Mitchell grabs Abyss’ leg. Rhino is mad and yells at him. Rhino misses a punch and Abyss signals for a choke slam. Rhino kicks him in the nuts and tries a gore, but Abyss turns it into a black hole slam onto the chairs for the three. I’m 5 for 6.

Shane Douglas interviewing Team 3D. Douglas says they were forged in the fires of WCW, forged in the fires of ECW, and yes forged in the fires of WWE. Nice way to put over your competition there. Heck, they won the WCW titles during the invasion angle in WWE, they weren’t in WCW. How can they have been forged in the fires of WCW? Bubba brings up a ton of famous tag teams, such as the Andersons, Road Warriors, etc. They put over wanting the NWA tag team titles, like all of those teams. Nice promo. This is followed by a video package to hype the match. I get a bear.

Team 3D comes out first, followed by the current, reigning and defending champions America’s Most Wanted (with Gail Kim). Heh, Borash puts over that Team 3D is trying to win the grand slam of tag team championships in North America. Don West’s mic is no longer working. Woo hoo! James Storm and Devon start the match. Collar and elbow tie up. They break. They try again. go behind by Storm, standing switch, front facelock, both up with Storm holding Devon in a side headlock. Shoulder bump and Devon down. Storm tries to hip toes Devon but gets hip tossed himself. Both men try elbow drops but neither hit it. Harris hits Devon when the ref wasn’t looking. Rights by Storm. Harris is tagged in. Devon with a double clothesline on both men. Bubba is tagged in. Hip toss on Harris. Scoop slam and an elbow on Bubba, which leads to a two. Harris with a go behind on Bubba, Bubba goes to the ropes and has Harris roll back. Bubba tell shim to bring it on. Harris with a left arm lariat for two. Crowd chants “pussy cat” to piss off The Wildcat Chris Harris. Bubba with an open hand slap on Harris. Bubba misses a senton splash on the downed Harris. Harris tags in Storm, who chokes Bubba with his boot. Then he chokes Bubba with some rope. Harris in an they try a double team back body drop but Bubba kicks them and throws Harris out. Devon is in and he begins to work Storm. Spinebuster on Storm for two. The fans chant they want tables. Devon stops in the corner and waves at Storm who is confused, turns around for a scoop slam by Bubba. The old wazzup drop spot ensues. They get the table, but when doing so they tricked Storm into trying a baseball slide. They lift the table up and then slam the table into Storm. They aren’t paying attention as Harris then connects with a baseball slide to hit them. Storm sets up the table. Devon and Harris are in the ring, and Devon is choked with Harris’ tape. Storm is tagged in and works Devon with a headlock. Storm connects with a knee lift on Devon. Harris is tagged in. Devon is sent into the corner. Storm sends Harris in after him and he tries a spear but Devon moves and thus he hits the corner post. Bubba is in and clears house on both members of AMW. Sidewalk slam on Harris for the two. Storm hits Bubba’s back and then holds him. Harris ends up hitting his own partner when Bubba moves. Storm with a suplex on Devon. Bubba is slammed down for two,. AMW with a double suplex on Devon. Storm sets Bubba up for the Death Sentence, but Devon knocks Harris off. Devon slams Storm onto the apron. Harris catches Devon and punches him and tries a superplex, but Bubba goes under him and puts him on his shoulders. DOOMSDAY DEVICE! Only gets a two. Harris in. Storm hits his own partner when there is some communication problem. The Dudleys hit their double team backdrop and neck breaker for two. Superkick by Storm on Devon. Bubba runs into Storm’s boot. Storm goes to the top, but Bubba pushes him off and through the table. Kim comes in the ring and gives him powder right in front of the ref. Bubba kicks the powder into the ref’s face. 3D on Harris! Devon puts the ref in position, and counts three. Ref still can’t see. Team Canada comes out and beats on Team 3D and then puts Harris on top of Bubba. Ref awards the match to AMW. WTF? Uhm. I ignore this for counting my predictions because it makes so little sense. That said, 3D should have been disqualified for Bubba shoving Storm off the top and through the table.

JJ and Monty cut a promo. JJ says no one should trust Christian because he turned on his brother and Jericho. WTF? Blah, this whole promo was lame.

Video package hyping up the X-division title match.

The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels is the first man out, followed by the X-Division champion Samoa Joe. They start with Joe missing a punch or two. “Fallen Angel” vs. “Let’s go Joe” chants. Daniels with forearms in the corner. Again. Daniels with a high running knee. Joe with a knee to Daniels when the tried a back body drop. Daniels with a head scissors. Daniels with a hurrican rana. Daniels misses a drop kick which lets Joe connect with a series of kicks. Joe with chop after chop in the corner. Daniels with a funky roll through pin for two. Joe somehow gets a surfboard variation on Daniels. Rope break. Daniels with elbows on Joe. Chop. Daniels with a forearm. Daniels misses a lionsault as Joe just walks away. Soccer kick to the bent over Daniels. Snap mare on Daniels, followed by a smack to the back of the head. Joe with a knee drop on Daniels. Soccer kick on Daniels. Chop on Daniels. Joe runs into the elbow of Joe. Lariat doesn’t send Joe down. Neither does a drop kick. Powerslam by Joe for two. Chop on Daniels. Daniels uses both knees as a jawbreaker on Joe. The mixed reaction from the start of the match starts again. Daniels with an STO followed by a split legged moonsault by Daniels. Joe put on the top turnbuckle. Daniels punches but Joe blocks. Daniels puts Joe on his shoulder and hits a kryptonite krunch for two! Daniels tries a rana but gets powerbombed for two. Joe connects with a triangle! Joe releases, and then puts an STF on Daniels. Joe adds a knuckle to the temple but Daniels gets a rope break. Daniels is put on the top. Joe follows. Daniels slides under him and tries a power bomb, but Joe hits a hurrican rana! Lariat for two. THIS IS AWSEOME chant from the crowd. Urnage by Daniels sets up the BME, but only gets two. Joe rolls to the outside. Daniels challenges him. Joe pulls him off the apron. Joe tries to kick Daniels’ legs out from under him when he gets on the apron, but Daniels jumps over it and then kicks Joe in the head. Daniels then slingshots from inside the ring to the outside to connect with an elbow drop! The chants from the start begin again. Daniels rolls Joe into the ring. Joe drop kicks Daniels as he is getting in the ring. Joe connects with a running drop kick to knock Daniels off the apron. Joe on the outside and sets up a chair. He sits Daniels on it, and then runs and kicks Daniels. He completely missed, but Daniels and the announcers still sold it. Wow, somehow that busted Daniels over. Joe tastes Daniels’ blood. I hope Daniels. I hope he doesn’t have an STD. Joe rolls Daniels in and begins to kick Joe. AJ Styles comes out to watch the match. Joe working Daniels over with punches. Daniels starts to fight back with his own punches. Joe misses an enzurigi. Daniels kicks him. Tries an Angel’s Wings but can’t get him up. Joe with a jumping kick connects with Daniels. Joe with a high knee in the corner. Joe puts him on top and connects with the Muscle Buster! Joe tries to lock in the clutch, but Daniels gets a rope break. Joe is pissed and gets a chair. Joe connects with a Muscle Buster on the chair. crowd chants one more time. Joe looking at AJ as he kicks Daniels a few times. knees to the head of Daniels. AJ is holding the towel that Joe brought out. AJ throws in the towel. It’s over and I’m 6 for 7 from what I’m counting. Still, what the Hell kind of finish was that? Joe should have been disqualified for the muscle buster on the chair. An intentional DQ results in a title change in TNA. What is up with that? Quite lame.

Video package to hype the main event.

Douglas with Christian and says if you can’t trust me, ask his brother or Chris Jericho. He says forget that, ask the members of the Christian Coalition. Tells Sting that he is glad that they are on the same side. Blah. Ooh, Christian questions what Sting will show up tonight. Christian jokes about being a mid carder, but says he will save the fans of TNA and will dethrone Jarrett one day for the title, because that is how we roll.

Monty Brown comes out first. Jeff Jarrett joins him with the lovely Gail Kim. Why is the team with the champions coming out first? Oh right, the almighty Sting is on the other side. Blow me. “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage comes out next, followed by … the man they (they who?) call Sting. What the heck? Why does he have nu metal as his entrance music. Blah. Welcome back chants. Fun fact: This is Sting’s fifth match ever in TNA, and they all have involved Jeff Jarrett. The match starts with Brown vs Christian. Brown takes Christian down with a shoulder bump. Christian is slammed into the corner. JJ is tagged in. The world champ misses a clothesline and a back elbow on Christian. Christian does the old Jeff Jarrett strut. He tries to tag Sting after an arm wringer, but JJ pulls him away. Christina then goes for it again and tags Sting in. Sting knocks JJ down with a hip toss. Sting with a drop kick and JJ is out to the floor. “YOU’VE STILL GOT IT” chants. JJ with a knee to the mid section and a series of rights. JJ working Sting over. JJ tries to slam Sting’s face into the corner but Sting stops it. Sting with a boot to JJ and a face jam on him. Brown in and receives the same spot. Christian is tagged in and Christian hits a Stinger Splash on Brown. Christian with a corner mounted punch spot on JJ. Kim up distracts him and JJ pushes him to the floor. Christian walking around and Kim connects with a flying head scissors. Brown throws Christian into the ring. JJ connects with a drop kick. JJ follows this up with his old strut. Monty Brown is tagged in. Christian connects with punches. Brown with a backbreaker and then a t-bone suplex on Christian for two. Another pin attempt for two. Front facelock on Christian and JJ is tagged in. Alpha Female chant. JJ working over Christian. JJ goes for a leg lariat type spot when Christian is draped over the ropes. JJ with a front face lock on Christian as Christian tries to get to Sting. Monty comes in to distract the ref as Christian gets the tag, ref turns around and doesn’t let Sting in, yet doesn’t notice that Brown is now working over Christian. Monty connects with a suplex and floats over for a two count. Monty sends Christian into the corner, Christian tries a head scissors to get out of it but ends up being put on the apron. Both men fighting on the middle turnbuckle. Christian bites Monty who then falls into the ring. Christian connects with a frog splash which results in the crowd chanting EDDIE. Two count. Christian tries to tag Sting. Monty pulling Christian away, as JJ pulls Jarrett off the apron. Sting chasing JJ as JJ puts Kim in front of him. Christian is in the corner looking for a pin but Sting isn’t there. Sting gets there and the ref is yelling at him. Month and Jarrett have chairs and try a conchairto, but Christian ducks. Christian tags Sting. Sting cleans house with chops and punches and such. Stinger Splash on Jarrett. Tries for one on Monty but Monty moves and lariats the ref on accident. Sting throws Brown out of the ring. Sting drops Jarrett, and locks in a Scorpion Deathlock. Rope break but the ref is down. JJ tapping. Monty and Christian in. Christen with a fall away slam throwing Christian into Sting. Sting upset with him. Christian pulls Sting down to avoid Monty hitting him with the title belt. Brown is thrown down. JJ is crotched by Sting. Monty in but gets thrown into Jarrett. Brown is thrown out again. Team Canada out as Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop and Christian his reverse ddt drop. Christian dives to the outside to take the rest out. Kim distracts Sting as Jarrett hits him with the belt for two. Monty and Christian are in as everyone is fighting. they are told to change and both faces go for the splash and miss. Monty holds Christian as Jarrett gets the guitar. Sting gets the bat and uses the bat to break the guitar. Christian backdrops Monty out of the ring when Monty lets him go out of confusion. Sting hits Jarrett and then hits the Scorpion Death Drop. The ref wakes up and counts the three. Blah. I’m 7 for 8. Woo hoo. Sting jokingly plays the broken guitar. Crowd chanting for Sting. Christian points at Sting with the bat, and hands it to him. Christian gets out of the ring as Sting points at him.

OK. I am sick of Sting. Too many lame match endings hurt the show, but great wrestling did help. OK show, but not the best out of TNA.

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